Lethal Weapon fans want Damon Wayans out and Terry Crews in, as discussion gets explicit and 'violent'

The 'Lethal weapon' fandom has been mad at Damon Wayans ever since Clayne Crawford was fired from the show in May. Clearly, the wounds are still pretty raw.

                            Lethal Weapon fans want Damon Wayans out and Terry Crews in, as discussion gets explicit and 'violent'

It is no secret 'Lethal Weapon' fans have a genuine dislike for actor Damon Wayans and have been wanting to see him leave the show for a long time. The extent of their despise has now reached new heights - they are discussing graphic ways in which the show could kill of Wayans' character Roger Murtaugh and let him go once and for all.

"I'd just settle for he had a heart attack like he had previously, only this time it does him in," wrote a fan referring to the episode named 'Brotherly Love' in the first season of the show. The 12th episode on the season roster, it was one of the parts of the plot that cemented Murtaugh's friendship with ex-lead Clayne Crawford's character Martin Riggs. Multiple fans suggested Wayans should have been "shot by a bazooka" and just "get shot to sh**."

One fan suggested a slight tweak in the season 2 finale. The show is currently in its third season. "The last episode is just Riggs shooting Murtaugh for the whole episode. He only stops to reload or pick up a different weapon. Trish and the kids are cheering from the sidelines." Agreeing to this statement, one fan suggested that a gun wouldn't be enough. "Yes, but can the last weapon be a Grenade? Or the RPG from Mexico?" suggested the fan. 


On the show, the season 2 finale featured Riggs getting shot in the chest by his stepbrother as he goes to visit his wife Miranda's grave. Riggs had just killed his dad and was looking for some solace before moving on with his life. Unfortunately, he ends up in a pool of his own blood.  

Another fan suggested that Murtaugh wouldn't have to be killed off at all and suggested the fandom would be happy if it was just Wayans' face that was switched. The fan suggested, "Murtaugh is horribly disfigured in an accident at the end of the season and has to go through serious reconstruction." Most fans seemed to agree with him and suggested a potential replacement - Terry Crews.

"The last season was a near death exp for Riggs. Riggs wakes up and sees Murtaugh (whose been recast) looks different somehow. Continue the show occasionally joking Murtaugh looks/sounds/acts differently," said a fan to which another added, "I still like the idea that Murtaugh starts spending all his free time without Riggs around at the gym, and next season is replaced with Terry Crews."

One fan took the opportunity to take a jab at Wayans' recent interview where he claimed he would be exiting the show saying he was too old to be working on 'Lethal Weapon'. "He should explain on the screen that due to his health, his daily need of a nap and the fact he doesn't want to hold a gun anymore as his reasons to retire. Then bring on Steve Harvey," said the fan.

Soon after Crawford was fired from the show and fans had taken to Twitter to express their disappointment with the decision. Wayans had tweeted a photo with a wound on his head claiming it was Crawford's doing as a rebuttal. He took down the post soon after. 


There has been no official confirmation on whether Wayans will be staying in or leaving the show, in case Fox decides to renew it. We do, however, now know what would make fans happy.