'Lethal Weapon' fans not happy with glaring loopholes in episode 'Get the Picture,' slam writers

While 'just in time' has been the motto of 'Lethal Weapon's duos from the past and present, this one scene from 'Get the Picture' just did not sit well with fans.

                            'Lethal Weapon' fans not happy with glaring loopholes in episode 'Get the Picture,' slam writers

'Lethal Weapon's last episode, 'Get the Picture,' was a lot of things synonymous to this season - it had insane retaliations, crime and a deeper look at Wesley Cole's past. However, some fans seem to think that it lacked a crucial element - good writing.

Most had an issue with a particular scene towards the end of the fifth episode. Murtaugh does save the day, but with a huge loophole in the plot - why would you put someone you value in such jeopardy? They are asking.

If you've watched the show through this season, you will notice that these situations have arisen in the past episodes as well. "If someone was holding something highly valuable and important to me, I probably wouldn't launch a grenade at them," one fan on Reddit said. Well that does sound logical, doesn't it? However, 'Lethal Weapon's plots have been known to be insane and a little crazy where the leads often escape in the nick of time. In this particular episode, however, it is a little less than a nick. If you really think about it, Murtaugh had to know the speed at which the grenade would be traveling after he launched it. Maybe it's years of police work telling him it would work? 

One fan pointed out that new writers had been added to the roster this season The user said, "There are some different writers this season, not all of them but some, some of the writers from the previous seasons are no longer there, and yes they are allegedly part of the huge number of people let go at the end of last season." The writing credits for the show include Matthew Miller, Bill Callahan, Joe Smith, and Eileen Jones but one fan was quick to say, "I hear Damon Wayans wrote that scene."

'Lethal weapon' fans have been mad at Damon Wayans ever since actor Clayne Crawford was fired from the show. They have blamed him for the exit of their beloved character, Martin Riggs, since he was killed off in April. Recently, after Wayans announced that he would be leaving the show as well, the disappointment was intensified. They claimed the show wasn't the same anymore without Riggs and that they couldn't watch it anymore. Some felt that the "lethal" from 'Lethal Weapon' is gone and that Roger Murtaugh, Wayans' character alone wasn't lethal enough. "Yeah, but that's why you are not a 'Lethal Weapon'" write an angry fan, while another added that season 3 was like "comic relief". 

Seann William Scott was brought in as a replacement for Crawford this season and he's hit it home with fans. Even then, the hollow in their hearts for Clayne remains. 

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