Will 'Lethal Weapon' run out of chances after Damon Wayan's exit?

Fox's 'Lethal Weapon' is back with the third season and a who lot of drama, once again. After Clayne Crawford's exit last season, Damon Wayans could also possibly leaving the show

                            Will 'Lethal Weapon' run out of chances after Damon Wayan's exit?

'Lethal Weapon' is gearing up for another generous dose of drama. After Damon Wayans' shock announcement on Wednesday, 'Lethal Weapon' is surrounded by a cloud of doubt once again. The show lost a lead just last season in the form of Clayne Crawford who played Martin Riggs leaving a lot of room for a possible downfall. What followed was an ugly mess of a very public feud on Twitter. The fandom took sides and some even threatened to boycott the show after Riggs was cut out. In spite of it all, it returned for a season 3.

The show survived against of the odds and even managed to flourish. Although a lot of credit does go to the new face on the show, Seann William Scott, it also had a lot to do with the original element of the show, Damon Wayans himself. 'Lethal Weapon' opened with a steep rise in ratings scoring a 59% increase in the 18-49 demographic and upped its views from 0.8 million to 1.3 million. Overall, the premiere had 3.4 million views which is a much higher number than last season's finale featuring Clayne Crawford. 


The new season is definitely different than the last two - it is definitely a level up. It misses Martin Rigg's insane methods, and there's a more mature feel to the chemistry between Wayans' character Roger Murtaugh and Scott's Wesley Cole.

From what we can tell from the last two episodes, the show's plotlines have also become stronger both in terms of character and crime. We saw a lot more depth to Murtaugh than the usual family man persona - he went to hell and back trying to find closure and it was absolutely unexpected from the character. Cole brings in his own flaws and tragic backstory to the entire storyline making it much more refreshing than the same old daddy-issues-gone-rogue idea that Riggs played. 

To be honest, we didn't really feel Clayne's exit; not only because of how great Scott is but also because Wayans cushioned the blow. Murtaugh was grieving with us on screen (although some may argue that the tears looked pretty fake) and he was guiding us to the closure. Can fans deal with losing their safety net on 'Lethal Weapon'? Although Twitter is still hungover from the Clayne Crawford mess and insults are being hauled at Wayans, there's only one thing that everyone is hurting - a possible return for their beloved show. 

When Clayne was killed off, the greatest fear we had was if the show was coming back at all. Fox took a leap of faith with this season and so far, it had been working in their favor. Now with Damon's possible exit, will they be able to revive the show? Showbiz history is dotted with examples of very successful shows losing the battle when one lead leaves. Will the show run out of chances after Damon's exit?

The network could also possibly revive it with another replacement but like 'Two and a Half Men' without Charlie Sheen or 'The OC' without Mischa Barton, it will never be the same.