'Lethal Weapon': Fans demand prequel starring Clayne Crawford and Seann William Scott

Fans loved Seann William Scott's performance as Wesley Cole and praised Keesha Sharp's directorial skills in 'Panama', but they felt Martin Riggs would have made it complete

                            'Lethal Weapon': Fans demand prequel starring Clayne Crawford and Seann William Scott

Keesha Sharp made her directorial debut this week with 'Panama' on 'Lethal Weapon' and received some fabulous responses. Not only did the episode sit really well with fans, but it also upped the game for the show that had, until now, been a little lukewarm. Seann William Scott was nothing short of fantastic in the episode. Twitter was flooded with appreciation for Scott's performance as Wesley Cole and Keesha Sharp's directorial skills. In fact, fans love it so much, they are demanding a prequel from the showrunners that features current lead Seann William Scott and ex-lead Clayne Crawford.  

"We need a #LethalWeapon prequel #martinriggs starring @ClayneCrawford," one fan tweeted. Another nodded in agreement, "Imagine if those two got together. #LethalWeapon for sure." Another user tweeted, "@SeannScott Hey you were seriously BADASS in this weeks episode of #LethalWeapon kinda sexy!!". A fourth fan said, "#riggs should start afresh with Cole as a partner."

While Fox isn't known to pay heed to what fans have to say, especially when it comes to this show, a prequel could be a great idea for the series. Since Damon Wayans' take on playing the role of Roger Murtaugh through next season if the show gets renewed is still pretty cloudy, a prequel could actually be a great idea. 

Fans also noted that 'Panama' in particular did not explore the Roger side of things, understanding that it has been done for the last two seasons. His character took a backseat in this episode and for many, that's what worked. It was a fresh angle and a new story to look forward to. Unlike most episodes so far, this episode also ended on a cliffhanger that had nothing to do with Murtaugh or his family. It is no secret that the anger of the fans isn't directly directed at the show but rather its co-lead Damon Wayans for his alleged involvement in Crawford's firing so it is only obvious why they like this episode more.


When Clayne was fired from 'LW' after accusations of being abusive on set, fans had gone on to boycott the show and some even threatened to never watch it again until they brought him back. Bringing Scott on board definitely worked in the favor of this season, but it is only a matter of time before the charm runs out. However, if they do continue making episodes like 'Panama', things may definitely look up. 

This could be the perfect opportunity for the network to bury the hatchet with the huge fanbase that was left heartbroken (and still is) over Clayne Crawford's exit in May. It would mean the show could go on, fans would be happy to see their Martin Riggs back on screen and coupled with Scott's kickass moves, it could be one hell of a show.