'Lethal Weapon': A double homicide and a not so merry Christmas

What do you do if Santa steals from you instead of dropping gifts into your socks? Call Roger Murtaugh and Wesley Cole of course.

                            'Lethal Weapon': A double homicide and a not so merry Christmas

'Lethal Weapon' will be returning for one last time before breaking for the fall this Tuesday and it looks like they are going with a Christmas theme this week - Santa and all. Called 'Bad Santas', the episode will take our LAPD detective Roger Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) and Wesley Cole (Seann William Scott) through a complicated burglary.  The promo shows the two getting into fights with a man dressed as Santa, Murtaugh climbing through chimnies and Cole using a chainsaw to fight off someone. What's more, it also tells us that it is set to be a double homicide. Not a merry Christmas we see.


Meanwhile, Cole is getting into the holiday spirit for his first Christmas with his daughter Maya (Shay Rudolph), for the first time in 12 years. This could be a harsh time for Cole. Natalie Flynn (Maggie Lawson) ended things for good with him in the last episode, shattering his heart in the process. Cole was trying to get his life back together at the end of the last episode, 'What the Puck'. Since it's a holiday, there's a high chance that Andrew (Jonathan Sadowski), Natalie's current boyfriend, will join them in the festivities. Cole and Andrew didn't exactly get off on the right foot, so who knows what drama is in store in the next episode. The synopsis reveals that Murtaugh and Trish (Keesha Sharp) are trying hard to bring the family together for the holiday as well with Murtaugh trying to convince RJ (Dante Brown) to come home from Costa Rica. As for Rianna (Chandler Kinney), she will probably join the gang, especially now that she's single. Will the two families be able to put their differences aside and celebrate the festivities? We'll just have to wait and see. 

As for Detective Sonya Bailey(Michelle Mitchenor), she is still trying to figure out her equation with her new partner Luiza Gutierrez aka The Gute (Paola Lazaro). The two have had a rocky work relationship,  but here's hoping they may smoothen things out before the show breaks for the fall. 

There's also a chance Harper Murtaugh will make an appearance in the next episode, especially since fans have been worried about her disappearance from the show's arc. Rog and Trish's youngest daughter, Harper made her debut on 'Lethal Weapon' in the first ever episode of the show. In fact, Roger's introduction to the show involved her interrupting Trish and his tender times in the morning. She was seen in a couple of episodes after that and then before we know it, she completely disappeared from the storyline. Especially in the current season, the third one in the show's roster, she is seen very rarely. 

'Lethal Weapon' airs every Tuesday at 9 pm PST on Fox.