Leslie Grossman tweets that she is yet to watch 'A Star Is Born,' and fans go crazy

The 'American Horror Story' actress had a fellow traveler in 'Vanderpump Rules' star Ariana Madix, who said that she too had not seen the movie

                            Leslie Grossman tweets that she is yet to watch 'A Star Is Born,' and fans go crazy

'American Horror Story' star Leslie Grossman has revealed that her friends have started seeing her differently after she confessed that she is yet to see Lady Gaga starrer 'A Star Is Born'. Fans took this information, relayed through a tweet, pretty seriously and motivated the actress to watch the movie. 

Everything was fine until 'Vanderpump Rules' star Ariana Madix commented on the thread and confessed that she too had not seen the movie. And then all hell broke loose.

Fans reacted shocked due to this piece of information and flooded the tweet threat asking the stars to make sure that they watch the movie.


The two stars then had a brief conversation on the thread and made plans of watching the movie together. 


Meanwhile, fans did not stop showing their disappointment on this post. 

One of the fans tweeted saying, "Girl go see that this instant!!!!! I'm shocked its Phenomenal!!!!"

While another fan seemed disappointed and told Grossman that she could have gone to the theater in the time that she spent forming and typing her tweet. 



While some fans understood the pain of not having watched the film and felt for her.




Well, let's hope that Grossman and Madix go through with their plans of watching this movie before fans take it to their hearts and start another thread. Such pressure will be really difficult to handle, and not to forget your friends judging you for all the right reasons.