Rumor busted: Leonardo DiCaprio is NOT expecting a baby with girlfriend Camila Morrone, nor has he married her

Rumor busted: Leonardo DiCaprio is NOT expecting a baby with girlfriend Camila Morrone, nor has he married her
Leonardo DiCaprio, Camila Morrone (Getty Images)

A lot has been talked about Leonardo DiCaprio and his discreet romantic relationship with the 23-year-old model girlfriend Camila Morrone. Although neither has ever commented on their relationship status, rumors are rife that the duo got secretly married and is even expecting their first child together. They started dating in 2017 and have been relatively quiet about their love life. 

Meanwhile, the online magazine Gossip Cop which has taken it upon itself to debunk all the fake news surrounding DiCaprio and Morrone’s relationship, in its latest report has made a few interesting revelations you ought to know if you’ve been craving some clarity on the ongoing discussion. 

In 2019, New Weekly had reported that Morrone was “accidentally” pregnant with DiCaprio’s child. A statement from the article read,  “She’s not confirming it, but it looks like she’s definitely having a baby. And if she is, it wouldn’t have been planned, if Leo had anything to say about it,” according to Gossip Cop. 

A few speculations also noted that Morrone “couldn’t stop resting her hand on her belly” and was trying to cover her baby bump under “floaty clothes”

Gossip Cop in its latest reports has verified that the above statements by an anonymous source were nothing but hearsay. 

The article also talks about rumors regarding DiCaprio and Morrone’s secret dream storybook wedding which was apparently going to have ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' actor Brad Pitt as the best man. 

With that news came more rumors such as Pitt planning a bachelor party for his pal and how “he was one of the first people Leo called” after proposing to Morrone. 

The latest report also brushed off OK! Magazine’s earlier story which stated that the couple had gotten married secretly. 

An unknown sourced reportedly claimed, “They’ve been trying to keep the news quiet, but decided it was time to finally let some of Leo’s showbiz pals and his Once Upon a Time in Hollywood costars in on the secret. They told everyone at one of the afterparties – and of course, there were lots of hugs, cheers and tears of joy”

But, Gossip Cop has clarified that DiCaprio and Morrone never indulged in a $4 million wedding ceremony in the Bahamas nor did they ever tie the knot. 


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