Game of Thrones' Lena Headey shares rare behind-the-scenes photos of her 'Walk of Shame' on HBO show

Game of Thrones' Lena Headey shares rare behind-the-scenes photos of her 'Walk of Shame' on HBO show

You may hate Cersei Lannister with a fierce vengeance but the actress playing her, Lena Headey, is another ball game altogether. In honor of the last season premiere of the 'Game of Thrones', Headey posted a series of photos on her Instagram fondly recalling the memories she made on set. After you see them, you may just fall in love with her even more. 


The actress, who is vocal about her opinions on the 'Gram, be it politics or body shaming, shared photos of some iconic moments in the show and Cersei's history. She first shared a throwback snap of herself with the infamous Septa Unella that "shamed" her through the streets of Westeros as she walked naked in the season 5 finale captioning it, "full disclosure .. I LOVE Septa U .. she’s aces," she captioned the image. The two looked stoked to be together in a selfie as Hannah Waddingham, who played the legendary role smiled for the camera. A rare occurrence, eh?  "Can’t believe this is it. May you enjoy so hard the final season of the show that carried us all for a decade," Headey continued. 


Peter Dinklage couldn't help himself but comment two flaming emojis under the photo. In another throwback pic, Headey shared a picture of the prep she had to go through for that iconic short crop scene. "Walk of shame prep... WAHHEEEYY Back when 🤨" she wrote in the caption alongside a photo of her getting her head prepped for the wig. Interestingly, she hated the wig and called it an "itchy turnip" in a recent interview. Anyway, the throwback saga continued and she posted some rare memories from the set. As it turns out, she spent her 40th birthday on the set of 'Game of Thrones' in front of the mirror getting her wig prep on. Calling it "My 40th birthday AKA the walk of shame 🤨" she continued to share a picture of a "massive spider" in her glass "that I found in my Belfast apt".



She then shared an adorable photo of Eugene Simon who plays Lancel Lannister in the show with High Sparrow played by Jonathan Pryce trying to sneak in a silly moment on set. "@eugenesnaps and JP being very method...." joked Headey before finally revealing a pretty strange discovery, "Eugene’s Toenail brush". But she didn't stop there. 


She posted another selfie with actor Pilou Asbæk who plays Euron Greyjoy on the show, who is currently totally eyeing Cersei, Headey's character. The two sported matching maroon caps as she asked her followers, "Who wore it best @pilouasbaek 🤗". The series of throwbacks came to an end with a video of her silently screaming and letting her followers know that winter is here. 

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