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Lele Pons crashes through glass door during TikTok dance, draws flak for 'fake' fall and Mexican stereotype

Twitterati were quick to call out on Pons for trying to go to any lengths to get attention and fame
Lele Pons (Getty Images)
Lele Pons (Getty Images)

Eleonora Pons Maronese aka Lele Pons, who rose to fame via the Vine app, has sparked outrage among her Mexican followers who slammed her for misrepresenting them. In the video, the Venezuelan sensation was twerking to ‘Culo’ by Jose De Las Heras and Ghetto Flow.

At first, she's showing off her dance moves to the song’s hook “1, 2, 3, pa’ bajo.” Mid-way through her performance, she falls backward and crashes through a glass door behind her.

“Still learning how to do these TikToks dances,” admits the Venezuelan with Mexican background. However, many of her followers claimed she intentionally fell through the glass door and social media users began questioning her portrayal of Mexicans and stereotyping them.

Currently, the 23-year-old YouTuber is staying in Los Angeles to pursue a career as a content creator on social media. Since Vine’s demise, Pons has been hard at work bringing the same eccentric humor to her Instagram and now, TikTok. 

Pons gained popularity through her Vine videos. She tends to incorporate her ‘Latino’ culture into the video but she often goes for the comedy genre that seems to be stereotypical of Mexicans. This does not sit well with Mexicans. She has 8.2 million followers on TikTok and 15.7 million subscribers on YouTube.

In 2017, Pons faced a lot of backlash from her followers, claiming that her move of donating hair for the cancer patient was fake. Fans claimed that the image she uploaded of her friend holding her hair was actually not real. In fact, #leleponsisoverparty was trending on Twitter at the time.

She has been called out many times for misrepresentation of the Mexicans in many of her videos on TikTok and YouTube. The recent TikTok video of her twerking and falling through a glass door is no exception. Unsurprisingly, her followers were not concerned about her and instead lashed out at her with aggressive comments on Twitter. 

“Girlie Lele pons is one of the reasons why I think cancel culture is an absolute bulls*it and is a scam... she shouldn't still have a platform rn but welp people still gives her the attention she wants lol”, wrote a Twitter user on commenting on Pons video.

Another user tweeted, “Lele Pons literally [profited] off latinos by stereotyping us for her gain...AND FOR WHAT????”. Another user added, “Lele pons has and always will be an annoying piece of trash. Idk why y’all chose to make her famous anyways.”

“We dont claim her we literally do not claim her shes not ours to bear we have way too many crisisses and corruption to deal with her ass anymore. from now on lele pons is Russian not latina its ur problem now”, said a tweet.

A user wrote,“Why wasn’t lele pons cancelled the second she used a Mexican stereotype as a gag for one of her stupid videos when the dumb b**ch isn’t even Mexican herself? Y’all should’ve left her ass with all the washed up viners”. Another continued, “Im telling my kids that Lele pons was an embarrassment to her own community and herself, So they passed her on race to race until she became one herself that no one wants to be”

“What we’ve learned is lele pons shouldn’t have the platform she does, with her spreading misrepresentation of the Latino community. Anyways enough of that girl for now.”, expressed a tweet.

Fans were quick to call out on Pons for trying to go to any lengths to get attention and fame. But they are not happy about using her culture to get it. Not only that, most of her videos, involve her trying to be funny and by falling or crashing into things. A fan commented, “This Lele Pons girl is always doing some extra s*it”