'Lego Masters' Season 1 finale: Tyler and Amy crowned winners, furious fans say Mark and Boone should have won

'Lego Masters' Season 1 finale: Tyler and Amy crowned winners, furious fans say Mark and Boone should have won
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And that's how it's done! Tyler and Amy Clites sailed through 'Lego Masters', and after one tiny hiccup in the previous episode, they came back in full force and were crowned Lego Masters champions as they received the $100,000  prize. Sam Hatmaker and Jessica Ragzy Ewud were in third place and the competition was between Mark-Boone and Tyler-Amy.

Considering Tyler and Amy have been winning every second challenge in this season, this really wasn't a surprise. However, there were many fans who were rooting for Mark and Boone and were sure that their 'Artopia' build would be the winner. Tyler and Amy built a griffin and put an important message of parental love in it while Sam and Jessica made a peacock and a monkey.

Fans are rather irritated with this decision and called it an 'undeserved' win. "What an undeserved win #LEGOMastersFOX. The other contestants would have done something with actual lego after instead of doing what any human could do with a bank loan," tweeted a fan.


"Terrible decision, Mark and Boone were superior, wrote another fan.

"TYLER AND AMY WERE THE WORST YOU KNOW MARK AND BOONE DESERVED THAT TROPHY. Im so upset I will never watch this show again. #LEGOMastersFOX @LEGOMastersFOX(I still love you will arnett. You the best)," tweeted an angry fan.

Fans said that Tyler and Amy had been 'saved' in the last episode when they were in the bottom two. "#LEGOMastersFOX if only the judges didn’t push their favorites to the end, Tyler and Amy didn’t even belong their last week. No one else received a sympathy save," wrote a fan.


"Feel bad for Mark and Boone. Tyler and Amy should have went home last week," another fan tweeted. "Mark and Boone were robbed," an emotional fan wrote. "Lego Masters, you broke my heart," a fan tweeted. 

Another fan wrote, "Amy and Tyler only won because they said they are going a baby and that's it."


"#LEGOMastersFOX ending was a sham! #MarkandBoone had it won! The moment #TylerandAmy announced they were pregnant, it was clear who was gonna win. Not going to take any anyway from their builds. All in all, the whole show was fan-flipping-tastic!!" a fan tweeted. 

Some fans also rose up in Tyler and Amy's defense and said it was 'well-deserved. "Tyler and amy are extraordinarily talented so anyone saying they’re not can’t see properly lol. stay mad. they didn’t win because of the baby, they won because they’re excellent at what they do," a fan wrote.


"I love this show. Tyler and amy deserve that win congratulations," said another viewer.

Well, that's that, and we're expecting a new season of 'Lego Masters' to be announced anytime now.

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