'Lego Masters' Episode 8: Tyler and Amy have a solid chance of winning the competition

Tyler and Amy Clites have a sure chance of winning 'Lego Masters'

                            'Lego Masters' Episode 8: Tyler and Amy have a solid chance of winning the competition
Tyler and Amy Clites (Fox)

It has been a rollercoaster of a season for 'Lego Masters'. There have been fights, tears, breakdowns and moments of hilarity. We are now approaching the final and there are only three teams left: Tyler and Amy Clites, Mark Cruickshank and Boone Langston, and Sam Hatmake with Jessica Ragzy-Ewud. While Tyler and Amy have received nothing but praise, Mark-Boone and Sam-Jessica have had their ups and downs. In fact, Sam and Jessica's squabbling at the beginning convinced fans that these two wouldn't be able to reach far in the competition.

No doubt that the other teams do provide stiff competition to Tyler and Amy, but going by the newlyweds track record, they just might emerge as the winner of the Lego competition. During the course of the season, they've been praised for their precision, imagination and eye for details. They've crafted some remarkable creations, including the 'Tri-Scraper' from Episode 5. Their build in the 'Storybook challenge' was superb, as they crafted an elaborate fairytale, with an evil carrot-man too.

Tyler and Amy's creation in 'Storybook' challenge (Fox)

 In one of the challenges, the participants had to create a Lego bridge had to bear the weight of 1,000 pounds. Amy and Tyler's bridge was one of the two that managed to survive the weight, along with Mark and Boone. Fans were rather upset that Tyler-Amy didn't win that round, and called foul as Mark and Boone's bridge had a visible crack in it. 

"That’s not a good choice for the Gold Brick. Tyler & Amy's bridge didn’t crack at all, but Mark & Boone's was bending and cracking. Not a fan of this decision," a fan had written.

"Feel like Tyler and Amy should have won since their bridge was so beautiful and I don’t think their bridge started to crack as they were adding the weights." A viewer said, "Tyler and Amy should have won this week. Their bridge held 1k without making a peep. Mark and Boone's bridge was visibly cracked."
It appears that Tyler-Amy are the team that fans are rooting for. Most are pretty sure that the couple might just win the competition. One fan wrote after this week's episode, "Tyler and Amy have had the most consistently solid builds, they deserve the win."

Another tweeted, "Tyler and Amy might just win the whole thing."

Will they win? It remains to be seen. 'Lego Masters' airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm on Fox.

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