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'Lego Masters' Episode 7: Sam and Jessica make it to the Top 2 proving they have what it takes to win

They've come a long way and now, Sam Hatmaker and Jessica Ragzy Ewud have a sure shot of winning 'Lego Masters'
UPDATED MAR 23, 2020
Sam and Jessica (Ray Mickshaw/ Fox)
Sam and Jessica (Ray Mickshaw/ Fox)

Remember the time when Sam Hatmaker and Jessica Ragzy Ewud could not stop squabbling on 'Lego Masters'? The two just couldn't seem to work together and almost had a showdown in the second episode, and Sam was heard telling Jessica, "You just don't get Lego!"

Well, they've come a long way since then and have been churning out fabulous masterpieces and acing each challenge. They made it to the Top 2 in the latest episode, along with Tyler and Amy Clites. Though Tyler and Amy won, it is still rather admirable and inspiring that Sam and Jessica have come this far ahead in the game.

A fan pointed out, "Sam and Jessica in the top 2? Do y'all remember when we didn't even know if they could get it together enough to stop arguing and actually build something? What a journey this has been for them."

"Sam & Jessica have now officially become the dark horse team to win this competition," wrote another fan. And that actually makes sense if you think about it.

Aaron Newman and Christian Cowgill have been stumbling a little after impressing the life out of everyone in the first episode. Mark Cruickshank and Boone Langston have had their share of bad days too.

However, Mark and Boone still can pose more of a threat to Sam-Jessica and Tyler-Amy, perhaps more so than Aaron and Christian. 

It would be great fun to watch if the final competition could just boil down to Tyler-Amy and Sam-Jessica, provided the latter don't let their egos get in the middle.

Sam and Jessica have been steadily climbing to the top. After battling it out in the second episode, Sam and Jessica came out with the fabulous mermaid in the third. That's when the judges saw their immense talent.

They remained steady since then, not upsetting the judges and worked hard to not make it to the bottom two. And their creations have just become even better with each episode, no doubt. 

'Lego Masters' airs on Fox at 9 pm.