'Lego Masters' Episode 6: Mel and Jermaine's hopes collapse with the bridge challenge, fans feel sorry for them

'Lego Masters' Episode 6: Mel and Jermaine's hopes collapse with the bridge challenge, fans feel sorry for them
Mel and Jermaine (Ray Mickshaw/FOX)

The stakes are getting higher and the competition is getting tougher. In the latest episode of 'Lego Masters', the participants had to build a bridge. The challenge didn't end there, their bridge had to stay intact even after heavy weights of around 1000 pounds were placed on them. Mark Cruickshank and Boone Langston won the Golden Brick after defeating Tyler and Amy Clites but fans were not entirely pleased with this decision as they said that Mark and Boone's bridge had a crack in it.

Mel Brown and Jermaine Gardner were eliminated in this round as their bridge crumbled to pieces. Viewers were rather sorry to see them go and flooded social media with their reactions.

A fan tweeted, "I’m so upset right now about Mel and Jermaine being eliminated. Don’t talk to me until next Wednesday."

Another wrote, "HOOOOO BOY my faves are safe. That was scary. Hate to see Mel & Jermaine leave though, they were a ton of fun." A fan wrote, "Mel & Jermaine, you are our Lego Masters! We, the YouTube community, love you guys and are so proud of you!!"

"So sorry to see you both go, Mel and Germaine!  thanks for building along!" wrote another fan.

In the previous episode, the contestants had to make a city block that is brought together as a huge city. Krystle and Amie were eliminated in this round. 

The last five teams left in the running are Aaron Newman and Christian Cowgill,  Mark Cruickshank and Boone Langston, Sam Hatmaker and Jessica Ragzy Ewud,  Tyler and  Amy Clites,  Flynn DeMarco and Richard Board. 

The official synopsis for the next episode reads: "The contestants must interpret a story that is read aloud from a book selected just for this competition; Nicole Byer assists the contestants."

Now that promises to be exciting, as kids will also be judging the Lego creations. 

'Lego Masters' airs on Wednesdays on Fox at 9 pm.

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