'Lego Masters' Episode 4: Nestor gets emotional about being on the show with son Manny, fans feel it too

'Lego Masters' Episode 4: Nestor gets emotional about being on the show with son Manny, fans feel it too
Nestor and Manny (FOX)

The latest episode of 'Lego Masters' is turning out to be a thrilling one. Participants had to craft a masterpiece based on a movie genre. It gets more tricky. In the second half, it was announced that they have to have a double-genre. 

While fans were anxiously watching the show to see who gets eliminated, many were touched by Nestor Garcia's love for his son Manny. Nestor got emotional and broke down on the show.

"Why am I crying #legomasters, Nester. I love love," wrote a teary fan. Another tweeted, "Nestor is melting my black heart," another wrote.

"NESTOR IS THE MOST ADORABLE HUMAN EVER OMG PROTECT HIM FOREVER," a fan tweeted. One fan wrote, "I love Nestor!!! Such a sweetheart!!!!"

The father-son duo got the challenge of making a Western-fantasy. However, their masterpiece received mixed reactions from judges as they were not able to add the twist of fantasy to their creation successfully. Sadly, Manny was eliminated by the end of the show, making it all the more emotional for viewers. 


Meanwhile, fans were also concerned about the difficulty level for the participants. A fan tweeted, "This challenge seems overly complicated for no reason and also not equally challenging for each team. Fantasy kids is way easier than romance thriller."

Contestants Tyler and Amy also received a lot of praise from fans. "Tyler & Amy are really next-level builders. No way they lose. Krystle & Amie meanwhile dont get nearly enough camera time," tweeted a fan.

One fan appreciated all the participants and wrote that it would be sad to see them get eliminated. "I like all the teams honestly. It's going to suck to see them go. Didn't like the 'Hair Ladies' though, not sad they are gone but who didn't see that coming?" tweeted a fan.

'Lego Masters', hosted by Will Arnett, airs on FOX at 9 pm. 


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