'Lego Masters' Episode 1: Will Arnett steals the show with his charm and fans are calling him 'the best host'

Fans are full of appreciation for the actor-comedian who is hosting the show

                            'Lego Masters' Episode 1: Will Arnett steals the show with his charm and fans are calling him 'the best host'

Fox's 'Lego Masters', an American show based on the British hit, took off on February 5 and kept fans biting their nails till the very end. It was an exciting episode as each team had to create a miniature theme park.

The participants put their creativity and imagination to test and fans got to see some wonderful creations, including a Spaceland theme park, 'Sugar Hill', which was exactly like it sounds and an Egyptian theme park. Though they all looked amazing, some of them had several glitches and hiccups along the way. Aaron Newman and Christian Cowgill's 'Spaceland' theme park won the 'golden brick', which will grant them immunity in the next episode.

Yet, it was Will Arnett as the charming host that seems to have won fans over. The actor-comedian, who had also voiced Batman in the 'Lego Movie', will be hosting the reality show for the rest of the season.

Fans were excited to see him and wrote, "Need more Will Arnett." Another fan tweeted, "Will Arnett is a great host."

One wrote, "So far Will Arnett is the best part of Lego Masters." "Okay, he's officially the best show host of all time, of all time #willarnett #legomasters," one fan exulted.

"I hate the Food Network game show format, but I love Lego and Will Arnett so I'm all about #legomasters," wrote a viewer. A fan wrote, "Will Arnett will never let anyone forget that he was the voice of Lego Batman."

However, some fans felt that he wasn't himself and wrote that he was 'dispirited'. A fan tweeted, "I've never seen a more dispirited Will Arnett. Did they sneak this job in tiny print into his Lego Movie contract?"

The season has just begun and there clearly are many more exciting episodes around the corner.

Who gets to win the title of Lego Master? Tune into 'Lego Masters' at 9pm on Thursdays on Fox.

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