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'Legends of Tomorrow' trends on Twitter with genre parody episode that fans feel is the 'best of entire show'

The latest episode of 'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 5 has proven to be a huge hit with the fans, causing it to trend on Twitter
Still from 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' (the CW)
Still from 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' (the CW)

Spoilers for 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' Season 5, Episode 14 - 'The One Where We're Trapped on TV'

'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' has always had fun with its genre parodies and homages, but for its latest episode, it went all out. Parodying 'Friends,' 'Downtown Abbey' and 'Star Trek,' this episode had something for everyone and the fans are loving it. Fan reactions to the episode got the show quickly trending on Twitter. "I say it all the time, but #LegendsOfTomorrow is my favorite DC show! I never want it to end! " writes a fan online. "This episode was the kind of balance between batshit and heart that only #LegendsOfTomorrow can pull off," writes another viewer. "Legend is ****ing crazy and I LOVE IT," exclaims one viewer. "#LegendsOfTomorrow is a real treasure and I am floored by what they’re able to pull off every week. There’s no show like this one," writes another fan.

"Today's episode of #LegendsOfTomorrow was SO ****ING PERFECT!!!! The best episode of the season, maybe the best episode of the entire show! SO GOOOOD!!! Next episode is gonna be wild as well, I can't wait!!!" says this viewer. Fans praised the show for managing to balance its insane comedy with heart. "#LegendsOfTomorrow that was one of the best episodes every! very goofy, but also super sweet and emotional. i teared up a lot," confesses this viewer.  

One fan gave a shoutout to longtime Arrowverse scribe and producer, Marc Guggenheim, who made his directorial debut this episode. "#LegendsofTomorrow tonight was so beautfully well written with all the drama,comedy, and story beats blending perfectly together. Congrats to @mguggenheim for directing this great episode and hopefully we get to see more of you directing in the future!"

Another fan took a moment to appreciate everyone involved with the making of this episode and wrote, "Thinking about how much work was put into this episode of #LegendsOfTomorrow seriously!!! the sets, the makeup, the costumes, the editing- and the writing was great too! this show is truly the best in the arrowverse and it’s a shame that it doesn’t get the attention it deserves."

Another fan also thanks the cast and crew, writing, "I am not going to repeat all the wonderfully, amazing aspects of tonight’s #LegendsOfTomorrow episode. I am just going to say thank you so much to the cast, crew, and the incredible @LoTWritersRoom for giving us a crazy, found family to root for and to love more each week!" The season may be ending soon, but it's certainly ending with an episode that fans will be watching and rewatching for a while. It shouldn't come as a surprise for the Legends? They'll be there for you. 

The next episode of 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' airs  June 2, on the CW.