'Legends of Tomorrow' star Adam Tsekhman says "there is hope" as he is shipping the Gary-Constantine romance just as much as you

With season 4 of the time-travel superhero series in full swing, Meaww caught up with Adam Tsekhman to talk about the possibility of a romance between Gary and Constantine.

                            'Legends of Tomorrow' star Adam Tsekhman says "there is hope" as he is shipping the Gary-Constantine romance just as much as you

There's one thing you did not know about Gary Green on DC's 'Legends of Tomorrow.' Adam Tsekhman, who plays the agent of the Time Bureau, identifies a lot with his character, simply because the actor's friends criticize him all the time for being happy. With season 4 of the time-travel superhero series in full swing, it was time to stop and interview Gary on his non-superheroic powers and ask Adam about the possibility of a Gary and John Constantine romance. John and Gary first crossed paths in season 3 in the episode 'Necromancing the Stone,' as Gary and Ava Sharpe called on the demonologist for help. By the end of the episode, John and Gary were playing Dungeons & Dragons that led to John kissing him in a moment of excitement.

In an exclusive interview with Meaww, Adam says there is "hope," so fans can get the hashtag #Constangreen or #Garstentine ready. 


We met a Homicidal unicorn, a fairy godmother, a friendly shapeshifter and a monster, what other magical creatures are the Legends going to face this season?

They run again from all types of creatures that you may have heard about. I don't know what I am allowed to spoil but I will say that more magical creatures are to come and they are really fun. 

Could you please describe one to us and we will try to guess.

One that I like is called 'Baba Yaga,' that comes from Eastern European / Russian folklore and is a witch that steals and eats children. 

On what level do you identify with Gary and where do you step back and say, I’m glad I’m not that guy?

I identify myself with him in a lot of ways. First of all, he has that generally funny nature. I am often the same but friends criticize me all the time for being happy. "Why are you always happy?" they ask. I don't know, what's the problem with being happy? Why is that a problem? I also think he has a very analytical approach to situations, always using his head and always using his brain.

But I am happy I am not Gary from the perspective of being surrounded by superheroes, who can do things that I can't. In my world, I feel like a superhero and if I had people who could do superheroic things, that would be a difficult thing because I'd also want to do superheroic things.

Adam Tsekhman (Photo credit: Charles Zuckermann)
Adam Tsekhman (Photo credit: Charles Zuckermann)

Gary’s sexuality is being explored so cautiously and respectfully on the show. How do you feel about playing a character who doesn’t get stereotyped as this virginal nerd? Instead, all dimensions of his emotions are being explored?

I think it's great. It is very rare. The sexual spectrum as Dr. Kinsey proved back in the day, is not as simple as gay or straight. Gary is figuring that out but most of all, he seeks love and gives love and, you know, just has something deeper to give than just sex. 

I am a huge shipper of Gary and Constantine – Garstentine?  Please tell me we are getting some romance between the two in the future. If you were to write a fanfiction for them, what would that entail?

I think it would entail some sort of journey through hell together. Followed by something extremely mundane like them coming from hell and having dinner at some Italian restaurant. 


Can we expect to see their romance in the future?
(Ahhhh) I can say that Gary is very hopeful that's for sure. It sounds like you are hopeful as well, I am hopeful as well. 

What do you want to see Gary do in the episodes and seasons to come? If you could pitch a story arc for him, what would it be?

Gary gets some sort of superpower that he can't really control. Whatever that superpower would be. Gary seems to be able to screw things up pretty well, which is classic of the Legends too right? But I think it would be fun to be given some sort of power that is very powerful and completely different.

What can you tease us about the future of the Legends, now that Charlie is stuck on the Wave Rider in the form of Amaya?

I think it's gonna be really fun. I love Charlie's character. I love how she's so pop and the action is great. I think it's going to add a fun new dimension for the Wave Rider. She's got a really exciting thing coming. Her shapeshifting is suffering now because of Amaya but we will see if that will change or not.

You have been a part of various tv series like Bones, 2 Broke Girls, and The Mentalist. How is a DC set different from everything else you have worked on?

It's not so different. The thing that is great about this is that we all get along really well and all the actors are ego-free. Everyone is treated equally, which is great. So from that perspective it's really fun and also, the other series were shot in LA and this is in Vancouver and I am Canadian. Everyone is so nice, which is a stereotype even.



Could you walk me through the audition process for Legends? How does it feel to be an honorary member of the superhero team and a recurring cast of the show?

I feel amazing. Similar to Gary, I don't know what's coming next, which is kind of fun but also nerve-wracking.

The audition process came from a friend of mine who is a writer on the show. It was her idea and they were working on this character Gary, and she called me and said, "Well, we have this character I think you will be good at it. You know we contacted our casting director for you." It was very nice of her to think about me and consider me and at that time she said the character will be in three episodes, maybe more, but I didn't really know. And luckily it worked out and I got it and thankfully it's been more than that so I am very grateful. She's fantastic.  Her name is Grainne Godfree.

What is your dream role?

I think taking it one step further I would love to work on a combination of television and a live audience - a multicam sitcom. I did classical theater so the combination of those two worlds would be really amazing for me. That would be a dream. 

What are some of the things you can’t wait to check off on your career bucket list?
Working on developing shows from the writing perspective. Writing and acting, so it will be great to make those shows.


So we heard you are developing a number of comedy projects, including Americanistan. Tell us more about the project and when can we expect it and how do you hope the audience will take it?

We wrote it and shot it four years ago, independently. We shot it in Toronto and our director, he's from Lebanon and his dad was in Kuwait City, so he went to Kuwait and shot a bunch of exteriors to give a realism. It's kind of awesome because Kuwait doesn't have iconic structures that everyone knows but it very clearly is the Middle East so it worked out well. We are developing it further to make it into a show. One of the lead actors that we cast originally is going to be in 'Aladdin' coming out next year. He's going to be a big star and he wants to do 'Americanistan' again. I think it will be a blast, you know, it's a little bit of a touchy subject because we are making a sitcom that deals with issues that aren't funny. If you can satirically dissect these issues, I think we can all learn something and have a laugh.

Please tell us about 'Not Quite Naughty,' which we hope will be out next year.

Another Hasidic show called 'Not Quite Naughty' is about a Jewish virgin who is in his 20s. He is unmarried and his uncle dies and in his will bequeaths a sex shop that he secretly owns, the profits of which subsidize his ultra-religious community so we are kind of having sex and religion head-on. I think I am too old to play the lead character which makes me sad, but maybe not. So we'll see, but it might just be writing. I clearly would love to play the character. I am hoping it will be out next year.