'Legacies' season 1: Why Hope and Landon's relationship is also about breaking gender stereotypes

Hope Mikaelson on 'Legacies' is needless to say, a rarity. She's the one slaying the monsters while he's the trouble magnet, waiting to be rescued out of every pit he falls into.

                            'Legacies' season 1: Why Hope and Landon's relationship is also about breaking gender stereotypes

It isn't every day that you see a heroine on a teen television show saving the day, making sure everyone is safe and being potentially stronger than any other character in the show's universe while still being absolutely relatable. Well, Hope Mikaelson on 'Legacies' is needless to say, a rarity. However, what's even more interesting than the character of Hope is her power equation with Landon Kirby, who is potentially the guy who holds the key to the Malapocalypse. 



Hope is a Tribrid - the meeting point for the Original vampire, werewolf, and the witch species making her not just an anomaly but also insanely powerful. If that wasn't enough she comes from a line of one of the most notorious families in 'The Vampire Diaries' universe, the Mikaelsons. She is just as impulsive and fierce as her dad Klaus used to be and probably thrice as powerful, making her a force to be reckoned with. Landon Kirby, on the other hand, is as normal as you can possibly imagine. 

He's an orphan who has no family name, he has no supernatural powers (or they haven't come up so far) and is a trouble magnet on the show. He's a pretty helpless trouble magnet too - someone always has to come to his rescue as he finds himself down in the dumps shrieking for help. More often than not, it turns out to be Hope. She's the badass among the two, unlike the stereotypical way in which heroines are almost always portrayed - at the lower rung of the power dynamic.



When Alaric and Hope go to rescue Landon in Kansas, as she barges in through the door, wielding a gun threatening to blow Selylah's head off,  you see it even more clearly - in this story, Hope wears the pants. What's even better is that Landon's character doesn't really mind that she does. Moreover, while Landon is also the more sensitive of the two, Hope's character hasn't been penned down like a brute. It's a nuanced balance between the masculine and the feminine for both characters even though the typical gender roles are reversed. She takes care of him when he's down and he gives her the strength to fight her battles. 

Hope is the one fighting the fights, going out to face monsters head on and slaying them and he is the one that quietly gives her the shoulder she so often needs. The relationship is like her safe space where she lets her guard down. Not to mention, she's the one that asked him out officially! 




This romance is, undoubtedly, new age and woke. Apart from the fact that the show scores a ten on inclusiveness, both on the LGBTQ spectrum as well as ethnicities, it clearly also does not care for what you think have been the gendered roles for protagonists. They're realistic and inspiring while also making sure that they send out the message that the audiences need to hear - that gender roles are a thing of the past. 

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