'Legacies' star Peyton Alex Smith on his sexy fight scene with Danielle Rose Russell

In an exclusive with MEA WorldWide, Peyton Alex Smith dishes on the sexy scene that started the whole love triangle in the first place between Hope, Rafael and Landon Kirby.

                            'Legacies' star Peyton Alex Smith on his sexy fight scene with Danielle Rose Russell

Peyton Alex Smith is definitely winning hearts as the strong yet vulnerable werewolf alpha on 'Legacies'. The only important werewolf that we know on the show, it seems almost impossible for us to imagine the show without Rafael Waithe's honorable ways and heart of gold.

But did you know that he almost didn't make it to the show? Smith told MEA WorldWide in an exclusive interview that he was actually one of the last actors to be cast on the show. 


"As far as the regulars go, I was the very last person to be cast on the show. I knew I couldn't do it, I was on another show and this was a pilot but I auditioned for it," he said adding, "And I didn't hear back for months. I thought it was dead and over. I was about to do another movie when I got a callback for 'Legacies' and I had to fly down within four hours because they had already started shooting. It was a whirlwind but it worked out." 



So far on the show, Rafael's character has progressed on a tangent we didn't think was possible. He's developed feelings for his foster brother Landon Kirby's girlfriend Hope Mikaelson, who is also the protagonist of the show.

While Smith keeps the love-triangle arc close to his chest, he did dish on the iconic fight scene with Hope in episode 9. The sexy scene was what started the whole love triangle in the first place and this was when we saw the first hints of an infatuation blossoming in Raf's eyes for Hope.

"Danielle (Rose Russell) and I practiced that scene for a couple of days and most of what you see in the scene is us," he told MEAWW. Going on to describe Danielle as a co-star, he said, "She's awesome anytime that we have to work together. We have really good chemistry both on and off the screen and we are really good friends and it turned out to be really easy to shoot."

He also revealed that fans weren't the only ones who found it sexy - the cast and crew too, thought it was steamy up close. "When we were done everybody was like 'well, that was kind of sexy' and we didn't plan on it being sexy, but it ended up being that way," he said laughing. 

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