'Legacies' season 1 finale: 5 plot twists that could possibly happen with the supernatural gang

'Legacies' season 1 finale: 5 plot twists that could possibly happen with the supernatural gang

'Legacies' season finale is right around the corner and if we've learned something from Julie Plec's 'The Originals' and 'The Vampire Diaries' it's this - there's always a huge plot twist coming your way, ready to hit you like a big yellow school bus. This show, will, of course, be no different in terms of the shockers - from the Landon Kirby storyline to Raf's werewolf side and possible death, there are quite a few potential OMG moments heading your way. Here are the five plot twists you can expect from the season finale: 

1. Landon Kirby didn't buy a word of what Clark told him



In the last episode, we were shown a closer look into Triad, Agent Clark and how Landon fits into the whole scene. As it turns out, Clark and Landon are supposed to be brothers and Malivore, their father. Triad, according to Clark's intense rant, was the ancient society-turned-corporation that wanted to eliminate monsters of their choosing off the face of the Earth. You would assume that Landon is super naive and has totally bought into Clark's idea of resurrecting their monster dad, but what if Landon is, for the first time on the show, smarter than that? 

He's shown him the third key to Malivore, an ancient looking cup but what if Landon is totally lying and he was actually drawn to something else on the table? Entirely possible and it would make a fantastic twist to this confusing arc about Landon's identity, intentions and role in Malivore. The finale could play on with Landon as the good guy throughout. If not, then he will probably go into the bad guy zone and may emerge as the actual big bad that Hope and the rest of the school had been harboring for so long, protecting, instead of killing. 

2. Rafael gets stuck as a werewolf 




This one could prove to be a nice twist to Raf's very conflicted character. So far, he's been in the middle of multiple romances but we saw him go nuts with his wolf side after MG bit Landon and killed him for a while. With Hope's family recipe, they did get all his memories back but the side effects have been bothering the poor dude. Now that Hope has gifted him that reverse moonlight ring, it does bring forth the possibility that while fighting in the finale with the Triad goons, Raf seeks his werewolf power but unfortunately gets stuck that way. 

3. Josie may become a Heretic and Hope may activate her vampire side 

Heretics are witch/vampire hybrids, originating from the Gemini Coven, the same Coven that the Saltzman twins are from. Heretics were originally Siphoner witches who had no magic of their own but could pull in magic from literally anything near them. The show has been playing at Josie's evil arc recently since she found out about the Merge, so this could certainly be a possibility where Josie turns into a hybrid with crazy, limitless power and going out of control as Kai did. 




In the promo for the finale, when Hope, Lizzie, and Jo are in the room with the gun pointed at them, it is absolutely possible that it is Jo who gets shot. Hope tries to resuscitate her with her vampire side, by turning her into a Heretic. Lizzie seems an unlikely candidate to die since the show has just started exploring her side of things and Hope is all too powerful to go down like that. 

4. Kaleb could come in harm's way trying to save MG 




Their friendship and bromance was played up way too much in the last couple of episodes to not be a part of the finale arc. They've gone from just a couple of classmates to "family" and Kaleb has promised to protect him ("They have to go through me") and keep him out of harm's way. With the Triad out in the school wreaking havoc and MG trying to play hero, Kaleb will definitely want to get involved and if things go super wrong, may even throw himself in between the line of fire and his beloved MG. We'd say this, keep the tissues ready. 

 5. Dorian comes back to save the day 




Dorian's build-up has been hyped up this past couple of episodes with a love arc being introduced and his tiff with Alaric. There's a possibility that Dorian actually decides to join his work family in this dire time and he would be the reason why they win. This would be a great way to bring Dorian's character to a full circle after the way the show killed off his real family back in 'The Vampire Diaries'.   

Catch the epic season finale of 'Legacies' on Thursday, March 28 at 8/9c on The CW.

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