'Legacies' season 1 episode 9: What was Hope doing in Rafael's dreams?

This week's monster brings out everyone's worst fears. Interestingly, Rafael's deepest fear turns out to be his abusive childhood and get this - Hope wanting to be with him. 

                            'Legacies' season 1 episode 9: What was Hope doing in Rafael's dreams?

WARNING: Spoilers for season 1 episode 9

It's a great day for 'Legacies' fans, especially since their favorite supernatural show has been officially renewed for a second season! No word on the casting and plotline yet, but fans can definitely take a deep breath and expect a lot of Mystic Falls ahead, considering how this season is going. Episode 9, 'What Was Hope Doing In Your Dreams' was probably the most adventurous episode we've seen so far and also the most 'The Vampire Diaries'-like and it all had to do with the epic love triangle we see forming between Hope, Landon, and Rafael. 



This episode begins on a pretty normal note - it's exam week and the band is back together now that Landon is back to school, MG and Kaleb have made up and Rafael seems to be in a much better place than he was the last time we saw him. Clearly, he's dealt with his heartbreak issues and is moving on. Alaric Saltzman is working hard to keep the peace and figure out what the urn signifies. Everyone in the meantime is wondering what monster is going to come knocking on their door now that they have yet another artifact associated with Malivore. Surely, one does come around but this time, it's in their dreams/nightmares. 



At first, Alaric thinks it's a Night Hag - a malevolent spirit that is trapped in the astral plane and can only hurt you when you're asleep. It cannot cross into the real world. However, since the monster obviously wants the urn, they start wondering how it would do that. Landon, surprisingly figures out that it may not be a Night Hag at all. The gang finds out that it's a shapeshifting monster that turns every situation into your deepest fears. Interestingly, Rafael's deepest fear turns out to be his abusive childhood and get this - Hope wanting to be with him. 



Now the two were rumored to be in a love triangle for a while now but with this episode, it is definitely confirmed that Raf had always been afraid of how close and comfortable they were together because of her relationship with Landon. In his first dream, he finds her sitting next to her in the library where she seductively locks lips with him telling him that she wanted him. In the second dream, she appears as he's tied to a tree and confesses that she wanted to be with him while asking him if he wanted it too. Nightmare Hope seemed to be sure that he did and Raf holds her arms and leans in. However, in the second dream, he seems to gain back his moral compass and declares that he would never hurt Landon that way. 




The "Avengers" fight the monster and Landon brings it to the real world while Hope fights it and ends the story. The last part of the episode also gives us a hint into what's coming next, which is likely a vampire hybrid of some sort. The mysterious man from Triad Industries pays a visit to Landon and Rafael's foster parents and it looks like he compels them to tell him whatever he wants to know. Plus, he wanted to be invited in - classic vampire move.  

After all is said and done, Hope goes to Raf to check on him when he tells her that Landon meant too much to him and that they couldn't continue being close anymore. Hope doesn't get it - since she doesn't know the dream bit. She, however, does understand that Raf is probably just trying to protect Landon as she is (she's hiding the truth about his mum Seylah) and lets it go. 




Is it possible for this love triangle to actually go full blown? Absolutely. Remember in 'The Vampire Diaries' how Stefan and Damon fell for the same girl multiple times? They had their guilt and protective instincts too but it somehow failed in the matters of the heart. This is definitely right up Julie Plec's alley. 

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