Legacies Season 1 Episode 13: A roadtrip to MG's parents house goes very wrong

Legacies Season 1 Episode 13: A roadtrip to MG's parents house goes very wrong

Contains spoilers for 'Legacies' episode 12.

It's been a while since Rafael and MG took center stage on 'Legacies,' and if you've been missing them, then worry not. The next episode of 'Legacies' will explore our resident werewolf Alpha and our potential Ripper.

The last time we met Raf and MG, they were in Salvatore School, jamming with Landon, who had just been brought back from Kansas safe and sound. Landon's Kansas episode was a blur to him since Seylah jumped into Malivore making everyone forget that she ever existed. Everyone, except Hope, remembered what really went down with the urn, Triad industries, and Landon's secret supernatural Hunter mom, and since then, she has had a very difficult time hiding this huge secret from Landon. 


As for MG, his Ripper attributes had been hinted to escalate the last time we saw him a couple of episodes ago, but knowing the fact that he's a boy with a good heart, it had seemed like he could be redeemed in case things went horribly wrong.

In next week's episode, Landon, MG, and Rafael take a spontaneous road trip to visit MG's parents. This week, we learned that it is spring break at the Salvatore School and it was only Kaleb who didn't want to go back home. It paid off well for the gang too - he was a great help in Maple Hollows. Without him, the existence of the supernaturals would have been out, which we know is the greatest threat to all of them in this universe.


Things go horribly wrong during this trip. MG and Landon go missing, and by the time anyone figures out what happened, a distressed Rafael makes his way to Hope with no memory of what happened. What makes the matter even more scary is that Raf is clearly making his wolf transition in the promo and is screaming at Landon to run away with his eyes turning yellow. If that wasn't enough, Raf has no idea if Landon is okay or even alive. 

Hope, Alaric and Kaleb, terrified by the prospect of what might have happened, set out to find them before it's too late.


One must keep in mind that Malivore already has its two keys and the only thing separating the world from having an apocalypse is that one secret key. For the longest time, there have been speculations that Landon is that third key that Malivore wants, him being a half-blood, the son of Malivore and human Hunter Seylah. This next episode could potentially be the build-up to the season finale and may finally give us a clue about Landon's purpose in the story. 

Watch the promo below:

Catch episode 13 of 'Legacies' on Thursday, March 7, 9/8c on The CW.


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