'Legacies' season 1 episode 11: A monster that lowers the gang's inhibitions wreaks havoc at the Salvatore School

This week's episode of 'Legacies' takes on a pretty strange turn — a monster enters the school that lowers all their inhibitions

                            'Legacies' season 1 episode 11: A monster that lowers the gang's inhibitions wreaks havoc at the Salvatore School

The Saltzman twins are back for this week's episode of 'Legacies'.

Episode 11 follows the Salvatore School's talent show that runs into a few unexpected glitches. Alaric Saltzman decides that it may just be a good idea to postpone the show but his daughters, Lizzie and Josie don't agree. In fact, the official synopsis says that they take matters into their own hands and are determined to keep the show on for the week. The twins returned to the storyline last week after spending the vacation with their mom Caroline. As suspected, their return was just as complicated as this season's big bad Malivore and Lizzie's impulsive and selfish personality finally catches up to her.


Lizzie stumbles upon a genie and decides that it was a great idea to ask her to grant her a wish. She thinks it's all fun and games at first but after her ego gets hurt (for the hundredth time) she decides to ask a pretty messed up wish — she wishes that the school never ever existed. Chaos follows before the gang finds a solution to undo the whole thing. Caroline Forbes is still missing in action. Last time we heard of her, she was off looking for the cure to The Merge that the Gemini twins may have to undergo and still hasn't found a solution. 

With the show recently being renewed for a second season, it seems unlikely that The Merge will happen this time since the show is already well on its way to the end of the first season and we are nowhere close to figuring out Malivore.


This week's monster is a creature that lowers one's inhibitions. Another creature that affects its victims psychologically? There has to be a connection between the dream monster, this one and the urn from Seylah's home. With a host of characters who are trying to tussle for their supernatural needs, this monster will definitely wreak havoc at the school. Especially with MG's ripper potential, Rafael's possible feelings for Hope and every other impulse that the gang holds onto, this week will definitely peel back layers off the characters.

This week, unlike most, Alaric is also in trouble. He decides to play hooky with Emma although it is unclear why. Emma has the habit of getting people to talk to her every time she thinks they need help, it is entirely possible that she thinks Alaric may need a shoulder but is living in denial. Being the school counselor, she's definitely smart enough to know when. However, what's bothering Alaric? Is it just Malivore and the monsters or is it something more personal? 

Catch 'Legacies' episode 11 on February 14 at 8/9c on The CW.