'Legacies' season 1 episode 10: Lizzie Saltzman has a rude awakening in a world where all her dreams come true

Episode 10 saw the much-awaited return of the Saltzman twins from their visit to Europe, however, Lizzie Saltzman does not seem very pleased to be back.

                            'Legacies' season 1 episode 10: Lizzie Saltzman has a rude awakening in a world where all her dreams come true

Contains spoilers for 'Legacies' season 1 episode 10.

Our wishes have been granted - the latest episode of 'Legacies' finally dives into what Lizzie Saltzman is made of and how her choices spell doom for the world.

Episode 10 saw the much-awaited return of the Saltzman twins from their visit to Europe after spending time with their mother Caroline Forbes. However, not everyone's happy to be back. Lizzie goes off about how Alaric didn't come to pick them up at the airport and how she had to take a three-hour shuttle that smelt like an "open sewer and feet". Pretty standard Lizzie behavior, right? Except, this time someone other than her family is watching her throw a tantrum - someone after the Malivore urn. 



Lizzie meets a jinni in the episode that grants her all her wishes and turns everything upside down. First, Lizzie wishes Hope had never come to the school. The monster grants her wish and it turns out without Hope, the Salvatore School is nothing but a halfway house. Apparently, it was Klaus Mikaelson who had cut Alaric a huge cheque to get Hope in so that she's safe and comfortable for the time she's there. The school is said to have been running on Elena and Damon's charity but since they had a baby, things were even more scarce. She tries to make the best out of the situation which only results in Alaric finding Hope and bringing her to the school again. Hating the fact that they are poor, Lizzie asks the jinni for another wish - for the Salvatore School to have never existed. 



Now, with the school never being there, it turns out that the twins go to public school in this reality and get this - Josie is the popular one who gets all the boys and is BFFs with the popular girls. Lizzie, in this reality, is nothing but an invisible sidekick who gets ignored and pushed around. She also finds out that her bipolar disorder is trouble for everyone and that she is out of control. She also finds out that Alaric hated his life and was a day drunk because he couldn't make his dream of having the school come true. She loses control after Josie and she have a tiff exposing themselves to the other students at the school. Hope comes to their rescue along with Kaleb, Pedro, and Jed. In this reality, Hope and the gang seem to be some sort of a supernatural team that rescues people like the Saltzman twins. They find out later that with Alaric never building the school, Klaus built one for his daughter. After he expanded in Europe, the current one needed a headmaster and they wanted Alaric to fill in. Lizzie hates this one too - so she wishes that Hope had never been born and that messes up the system. 



Now you see, without Hope, Klaus' humanity switch would be shut off and in this reality, Lizzie finds out that it had. Klaus had declared war and the Triad was hunting down any supernaturals around. Without Hope, Klaus had no reason to care. Lizzie finds out that the Merge had already happened and that she had escalated it and killed Josie, thinking she's a threat. With just a handful of supernaturals left, Alaric starts fighting the triad but the gang gets massacred. Then Lizzie realizes that she had just asked for her last wish - and this was something permanent. However, she makes an exchange with the jinn - its freedom in exchange for a reset button and she gets it. However, when she gets back, she forgets about the Merge and slowly starts going senile. 

While you may have loathed Lizzie's character before this episode, it is impossible to not feel anything other than pity for her now. Her bipolar disorder is slowly peaking and the worst part is, even though she had all these realizations about how her future could be because of her choices, in the present time, she doesn't remember any of it. She goes back to her old ways, but only this time, the trips to these three realities make her go insane. She forgets what she is talking about from one minute to the next and still harbors a serious dislike for Hope. However, her connection with Josie, just for a little while is extremely strong. 




After episode 10, it looks like with the Merge coming one way or the other, Lizzie Saltzman better watch out - there is a world where all her dreams come true. 

Catch episode 11 of 'Legacies' on Thursday, February 21 at 8/9c on The CW.