'Legacies' review: The show really needs some supernatural help to come up with some good endings

'We're being punked, Pedro' was overall an okay episode, if only 'Legacies' hadn't ruined it in the end - like all the episodes so far.

                            'Legacies' review: The show really needs some supernatural help to come up with some good endings

Remember how 'The Originals' had the most badass fight scenes ever, even when it was just Freya casting a spell? Clearly, 'Legacies' hasn't inherited that side of things from its predecessor. The show is supposed to be an extension of 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'The Originals' universe and imbibe characteristics from both shows. Clearly, they've left out the part where the problem and its solution is the major part of things. How disappointing!

This week's episode picked up where the last week's left off, where a gargoyle came to life and started wreaking havoc at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. The character was earlier introduced as the Gargoyle King. It's looking for the mysterious knife that Landon had earlier stolen and has no qualms about destroying anything and everything in its way. Josie, Hope, and Alaric must fight the creature and save the day. 


Each of the plots on the show has been very interesting even though pretty predictable once introduced. It builds up well too — there's drama, there's nice character arcs, plot twists, and violence but it all goes out the window as the end of the episode nears. The last fifteen minutes of the show suddenly turn underwhelming. As soon as they try to fight the problem, it suddenly starts looking super easy and that's where the problem lies with this show. It contradicts itself. If Hope knows how to save the day, why can't she do it in the first place? More importantly, if Hope knows the solution to most things, why is the show there in the first place? There just isn't enough conflict on the 'Legacies' — especially the supernatural kind. 

It's hard to say which is worse - the fight sequences or the way things end each week. The fights usually include Hope or Alaric striking the villain which cuts to the next scene where the villain is striking back. There's no shot of the process - they just end up hurt on the floor. In this episode, the camera work is just as shabby. The jump scares are so predictable, you can almost hit mute and make yourself a cup of coffee - you won't be missing much. 


When the trio fights the gargoyle, Josie Saltzman's facial expressions don't coincide with the situation. It looks like it's a shot from the time she saw the creature - a look of disgust, as opposed to her looking like she's just been involved in a huge spell. Hope nails the acting, but fails ever so consistently at the fighting. It was first seen in the last episode when they try to fight the dragon in the forest and she does a weird jump and stab, that was out of place and unnecessary. This episode it is her trying to fight the gargoyle with her bare hands. It's something you'd expect from a homemade video, not a CW production. 

The rest of the episode is pretty great. There's a neat story about a magical knife, a theory about why Alaric Saltzman needs protection added with some very relatable adolescent moments. The fear when the gargoyle comes to life is pretty believable although, the CGI could have been done better - the gargoyle breaking into a million pieces is a little college-ey. Not to mention red eyeballs. While all this is something one can manage to get behind (we've all seen more outrageous things on television), it is the build-up that shatters all our hopes and that is a serious problem. What's the point of a fantasy drama if it cannot give you the cliched satisfaction? Even worse, if it cannot make its bad guy look bad enough? 

'Legacies' airs every Thursday at 9/8c on CW.

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