'Legacies' review: Lizzie Saltzman is a reflection of Katherine while Josie takes after the doppelganger Elena in the latest episode

'Legacies' review: Lizzie Saltzman is a reflection of Katherine while Josie takes after the doppelganger Elena in the latest episode

Right from the beginning 'Legacies' had hinted that it was branching more towards 'The Vampire Diaries' side of things rather than 'The Originals' but its latest episode 'Hope Is Not The Goal' only breaks the stereotype. The show is turning out to be more and more about family drama and relationships than a supernatural show - and it is a pretty great way to go. Julie Plec has kept some of the emotional baggage that 'The Originals' left behind but at the same time 'Legacies' really is 'The Vampire Diaries' in a much younger body. 




The latest episode deals with every important teenage emotion out there - jealousy, popularity, bullying, and angst along with generous doses of young love. However, it also gives us the themes that made us fall in love with 'The Originals'. There's complexity in characters, multiple story arcs developing as well as the one element that ties them all together - family. 'Hope Is Not The Goal', is a great amalgamation of both the shows.

This time, the next generation of supernatural beings tackle a giant spider that's trying to steal the mysterious knife we've been hearing about from the last three episodes. The spider takes hosts and uses their body to hide its true self. This episode also features some really great side stories while maintaining the meat of the plot. Absolutely loving Milton Gladstone's take on feminism (although it's a bit stupid when someone is dying), Josie's fire for questioning the education system and initiating change and Rafael's spine when it comes to things he doesn't want to do. These kids are dealing with problems that are absolutely relatable.  




A great choice for a monster, yes, but not for a spin-off of a show that featured different dimensions, a thousand-year-old vampire and Katherine Pierce herself. It was a little too 'Spiders' from the year 2000 for taste buds that have been used to human bloodshed and sacrifice. It's a forgivable offense since the monsters have rarely been the meat in this story. 

The name of the episode itself is such a callback to 'The Originals'. The daughter of a hybrid who had the worst childhood ever becomes the superstar in a school away from home that is meant for misfits like herself. She climbs through the social ranks like its no big deal and ends up being the most popular person at school. Reminds you of Niklaus Mikaelson, doesn't it?  The first vampire that ever walked the Earth, instilled fear in every being - dead or living and was infamous all over the world, Hope Mikaelson is truly her father's daughter. Yet, both of them always felt alone, wanted to turn back time and had/has severe anger management issues. Both remarkable in their own way, yet not ones that inspire. 




However, as soon as you see this in the episode, you also see a glimpse of everything 'The Vampire Diaries' was. The ruthless competition, the attention-seeking nature and always feeling like you're second best - Lizzie Saltzman takes the cake for being the emotional doppelganger of Katherine. On the other hand, Josie, her twin, is everything that Elena once was on 'The Vampire Diaries.' Goodnatured, kind and a borderline naive, Josie Saltzman could be Elena Gilbert's long-lost niece. Seriously. 

This episode really ties it all together with the way the twins and Hope take down the monster. It's like the current generation of the supernaturals that we knew and loved have realized that their greatest strength is in unity. Both the original shows had factions fighting all the way and 'Legacies' is definitely moving on from that. In this case, hope is definitely paving way the to the goal. 

'Legacies' airs every Thursday at 9/8c on CW.

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