'Legacies': From temptress to fierce friend, here's why Penelope Park is a heroine in her own right

Penelope isn't afraid of telling you exactly what she thinks of your selfish behavior, even if you're the headmaster's daughter

                            'Legacies': From temptress to fierce friend, here's why Penelope Park is a heroine in her own right

While Hope Mikaelson may be the Tribrid who will lead us all to a better place, 'Legacies' has another hero in its midst. This one lurks on staircases, manipulates the entire school to get her way and is known to be a little less than friendly. Penelope Park, who has a bizarre way of showing she cares and a furious desire to protect her friends, is a heroine without a cape. Also, can we take a minute to appreciate that perfect lob?


The so-called "She Who Cannot Be Named", Penelope has just as much potential to lead the supernatural creatures of Salvatore School for the Young and the Gifted into the new world as Hope does. In fact, she could even make a better leader.

While she isn't as powerful as Hope, she knows how to keep things together. If she can sneak Josie's name into the Honor Council and make sure everyone votes for her and not Lizzie, it is shocking how this woman is still not in vampire politics. The show still hasn't told us how powerful she is exactly, although we know that she is deeply knowledgeable when it comes to witchcraft.

We were introduced to the character as an evil "temptress", and at first, she did seem totally off the hook. However, as time passed, her character arc developed into what can only be called as deep and heartwarming.

Penelope, it turned out, did everything out of her love for Josie. From her confrontation with Lizzie, we know she doesn't vibe with self-centered people who don't care about their family. Moreover, the reason why she tried to sabotage Lizzie was simply because she couldn't see Josie being treated like a second-class citizen — and to be honest, the Penelope and Lizzie confrontation turned her into an overnight hero in almost every fan's eye.




Lizzie had been, for far too long, somewhat of an evil dictator on the show and it was really nice to see Penelope blow it off in one shot. That's another reason why she would make a great hero to the story. She isn't afraid of a challenge and passionately cares about people she loves — just like Hope.

She has time and again risked her life to save her friends and family and seeing Penelope fight zombies to get to Josie made her all the more hero-like.

Penelope owns her flaws and encourages everyone else to do so. She refuses to bow down before the headmaster's daughter just because everyone else worships her. Even though she's popular, she's an underdog in this clique but she never lets that bother her. She compensates for the lack of Tribrid abilities with her incredibly smart ploys and if you set aside the moral compass, this is one hell of an interesting character. She knows what buttons to push and will push them no matter how you feel. She's so untouchable yet so big-hearted — let's just hope she doesn't get sacrificed as heroes do in this universe.

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