'Legacies' review: Lizzie and Josie Saltzman may be the new Klaus and Elijah from 'The Originals'

The similarities between Klaus Mikaelson and Lizzie Saltzman are uncanny, even though Hope is Klaus' daughter in 'Legacies'

                            'Legacies' review: Lizzie and Josie Saltzman may be the new Klaus and Elijah from 'The Originals'

After a long break for Thanksgiving, 'Legacies' returned for a fresh new episode this week, giving us some answers we so hoped we would get. 'Malivore' was the show's turning point, both in terms of character development as well as the plotline. While it cemented Landon and Hope's relationship, gave us some insight into what the knife is and established a new Alpha, it addressed one of the thing plaguing fans since forever — why does Lizzie Saltzman get away with treating Josie so badly? 

'Malivore' followed Landon's magical examination to determine whether he was fit to stay at Salvatore School or not. Hope assists him in performing the tests and unfortunately, they find out that he has to leave.

There's also an honor council election where each faction has a student represent them on the board of the school. Problems begin when Lizzie stands up but Josie ends up winning — even without putting her name in. 


Right from the beginning of the show, Lizzie has always been the twin with every issue under the sun. She cannot get enough attention, she is extremely jealous of literally everyone who is doing better at life and treats everyone around her like vermin — especially her twin Josie. At the same time, she is a character with many layers — her need to have her father's approval and to live up to expectations she thinks he has from her is all that matters to Lizzie. 'The Originals' had one protagonist just like that — Klaus Mikaelson. 

The similarities between Klaus and Lizzie are uncanny, even though Hope is Klaus' daughter. All his life Klaus lived a life like Lizzie — he wanted to be loved, he wanted to be the most powerful and he wanted to be revered — all of which he did achieve.

Klaus never once realized that Elijah, the person who faced every obstacle to make his dreams come true, had ambitions of his own. Elijah's life, right till the end of the series, remained a mere shadow of Klaus and we never did get to see all his character arcs. 


Lizzie too had never realized that it was a possibility that Josie may want to live her life as an individual, instead of just pretending to be her personal assistant. While the extent of depth in both the sibling character sets is different, the essence is the same. 

Similarly, when Elijah fell in love with Hayley Marshall on 'The Originals', Klaus didn't really care and went ahead with having a baby with her. Although he didn't know about his feelings — it is a fact that he never cared enough to look. Right until the time that Hayley died in the season finale, Elijah could never reunite with the love of his life, thanks to Klaus. 

Lizzie and Josie's relationship with Raphael Waithe is just as interesting. In the last episode, we saw Josie and Raph share a thoughtful and passionate kiss, and Josie had the longest crush on the new Alpha. While it is true Josie didn't tell Lizzie about the kiss, quite like Klaus, she never cared enough to notice the sparks.


As for the monster this week, it wasn't a destructive one. This time it is Dryad or the spirit of a tree. She gives us a huge clue about the knife — that it helps unlock a pit of darkness which is meant to bring creatures like her to peace and it is called 'Malivore'.

The dryad doesn't have much information about the knife but her encounter with her long-lost vampire lover Oliver does tell us one thing — before the knife was hidden, someone wiped out the memories of every creature that was alive at the time. There was also a bonus appearance by Penelope, who we find out is watching Josie's back. Reminds one of Rebekah's character from 'The Originals' isn't it?  

'Legacies' is turning out to be more and more about its predecessor and 'The Originals' fan in us totally approves. Catch 'Legacies' every Thursday at 9 pm PST on The CW.

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