'Legacies': If Kai Parker comes back, what does it mean for the Lizzie and Jo?

Although Julie Plec has not confirmed his return, his twin Josette Parker did make it back to the show - so his return may not be too far.

                            'Legacies': If Kai Parker comes back, what does it mean for the Lizzie and Jo?

In a recent interview with TV Line, 'Legacies/The Vampire Diaries/The Originals' showrunner Julie Plec mentioned that she had big plans about a character's return from 'The Vampire Diaries'.  This character in question is a villainous witch named Kai Parker, who left behind a trail of blood during his time on 'The Vampire Diaries'. Although Plec did not confirm his return, his twin Josette Parker did make it back to the show - so his return may not be too far. However, if he does - it will turn everything upside down. 



Kai was the same guy that killed his twin and Alaric Saltzman's wife Josette in 'The Vampire Diaries'. Malachai "Kai" Parker made a huge impact in the 'The Vampire Diaries' in the sixth season. Son of Joshua Parker, Kai is from the Gemini coven and the dead uncle of Lizzie and Josie Saltzman. He was a Siphoner like Lizzie and Josie and was shunned by his family for being so. A Siphoner is a witch that doesn't have any powers of their own but have the precious ability to draw strength from others and use it like it was their own. Kai grew up thinking he was going to lead the coven - but unfortunately, no one else shared this vision, simply because of the sociopath he was.




When he realized that his parents weren't going to let him Merge with Jo - an occurrence he would have clearly won, he goes rogue. He tries to kill his younger siblings Liv and Luke Parker to get them out of the way. At this time, Jo agreed to Merge with him if they let them go away. He believed her and ended up getting trapped into purgatory or the Prison Worlds and when he did break out - he did what he wanted to do most - kill Josette for betraying him. He stabbed her on her wedding day with Alaric in the season 6 finale.

He also killed his sibling Luke during a merge he underwent - making him the leader of the coven. The coven is sired to the leader, making everyone in it vulnerable in case the leader is in trouble. Even after so much bloodshed and getting what he ultimately wanted, Kai wasn't done - when Kai was done killing Jo, he killed himself - wiping out the Gemini coven. 




However, when he killed Josette, Alaric managed to save Lizzie and Jo with the help of Caroline Forbes - and that brings us to the 'Legacies' timeline. We know Josie and Lizzie's Merge will happen soon since Caroline hasn't been able to find a cure yet. In 'Mombie Dearest' when Josette made her return, the show confirmed that Caroline has been looking for help to stop the merge. However, there's a small loophole with Lizzie and Josie merging. 

All the members of the Gemini coven are dead except these two. Moreover, they are Siphoners so they would need the power of another Gemini witch to complete the spell. In this scenario, it would make sense for Kai to come back and play a role in the merge. However, his relationship with the twins and their dad is less than amicable, not just because he killed Josette. Kai was sent back into the Prison Worlds by Bonnie Bennett, Lizzie, and Josie at the end of 'The Vampire Diaries'. So when he does come out (please Julie Plec make it happen) he's going to be mad as hell and that's when the real drama unfolds. 

It's hard to say if he would still be interested in leading the coven, but it would be a nice twist. We'll know how it goes when 'Legacies' returns on January 24 at  9/8c on CW.