'Legacies': Klaus is 'always and forever' watching over Hope Andrea Mikaelson

This midseason finale of 'Legacies' was definitely a close of a chapter like Plec had earlier said - Hope is winning the world, with Klaus watching over her. 

                            'Legacies': Klaus is 'always and forever' watching over Hope Andrea Mikaelson

Spoilers ahead.

“I’m glad to know you’re with me, but I look forward to the day when you’re not. I love you”  - Hope Mikaelson

There are some things you cannot shake off, no matter how powerful of a Tribid you are and the latest episode from 'Legacies' is proof of that. The episode took us back to the city where it all started - New Orleans. We were taken inside Rousseau's at the French Quarter, a bar that has seen crucial developments in 'The Vampire Diaries/The Originals' universe. Especially in 'The Originals', Rousseau's has stood witness to many of Klaus Mikaelson's years before he had Hope Mikaelson. 




'Death Keeps Knocking On My Door' was an emotional episode, to say the least. It had been a long time since the show had even mentioned Klaus and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't desperately hope that we'd see his face again. The complexities of Hope and his relationship were further explored and it made it clear that Klaus had indeed died with love in his heart. He had actually changed - the monster who killed uncountable people in his thousands of years on Earth, had sacrificed himself trying to do the best for his daughter. 

Episode 7 was all about Hope, obviously. After the Necromancer is captured and brought to the school, Alaric Saltzman starts interrogating him. He doesn't give away much. Then, somehow Hope ends up falling for his words and enters his subconscious to find answers about Malivore. Unsurprisingly, she gets lost and he ditches her in the spell. When she's alone in the dark with nothing and no one in sight, she confesses that she does actually wonder if her father is at peace and if he did find his salvation. It is important to note that Malivore had brought back all the extinct supernatural creatures from its darkness and Hope may have felt that there was a possibility her dad may also show up. 




Hope's character has dealt with her Klaus baggage before on the show this season, especially in episode 2. At the time, she didn't really understand the depth of the baggage but we realize now just how much his death had affected her. There were times in this season when we felt like Hope was turning out to be just like her dad- cruel, angry and vengeful and her character arc has progressed in the same way Klaus did. She's now an emotional wreck who hides her feelings under a hardened shell. Bouts of anger and regret was a crucial element in Niklaus' character in 'The Originals' and 'The Vampire Diaries', if not all of him. 

Here's what absolutely got to me in this episode. Towards the end, after Hope writes the letter to Klaus on Remembrance Day telling him that she would work on finding peace, so he could find his own (again, the dependence never breaks). In the next shot, Hope turns and there's a shadow of a lanky man, almost as tall as a certain Original broodily staring down at a gravestone. For just a second, I'm almost certain that every 'Originals' fans found their hearts stopping - Alaric looks so much like Klaus in the shot, it's almost like the show was teasing us. Nicely done, Julie Plec.  




As for the rest of the crew, we see different sides to both Milton Greasley and Kaleb and we find out what Dorian's past is. Dorian's family was killed by the Salvatores and MG has the potential to be the next Ripper. We also find out that Kaleb may actually have an ounce of humanity and guilt in him - what a shocker! Also, the knife gets destroyed - thanks to the Necromancer. 

This midseason finale was definitely a close of a chapter like Plec had earlier said - Hope is winning the world, with Klaus watching over her. 

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