'Legacies' episode 2 review: 'The Originals' fans will be disappointed but it's back to being 'family above all'

'Some People Just Want to Watch the World Burn' is nostalgic, layered and a predictable watch in many ways but the episode hits home, regardless.

                            'Legacies' episode 2 review: 'The Originals' fans will be disappointed but it's back to being 'family above all'

The last generation of supernaturals had left us with such intensity and pain, 'Legacies' certainly feels like a ray of hope. Of course, this has a lot to with the protagonist of the show, Hope Mikaelson, played effortlessly by actress Danielle Rose Russell. This week's episode was much younger than the last one, perhaps because of the fact that they have already established characters and the mood of the show in the last one itself. Episode 2: 'Some People Just Want to Watch the World Burn' is a nostalgic, layered and a predictable watch. However, if you're a fan of the whole franchise, then you will definitely want more from 'Legacies'. Also, who else is in love with Josie's space buns?

The episode revolves around a new creature the gang tackles, which is - a witch who breathes fire. A pyromancer, as Alaric Saltzman's experienced eyes call it, the woman sets fire to a bus full of people. Although Landon is the one suspected of the crime, the episode takes a different turn when the witch doesn't really turn out to be who they think she is. As a whole, it's good but it does get a bit predictable at times. 




The showdown with the villain also has major room for improvement, especially in terms of the action sequences. This is probably because of the way 'The Originals', the spin-off 'Legacies' picked up from and set our standards of expectations. Unlike its predecessor, 'Legacies' has not had a great action sequence - a crucial part of a supernatural drama. We'd like to see you fight the enemy like you're actually terrified of it, please! The story claims that the creature is terrifying but, at least in this particular episode, it doesn't look like anyone is scared - expect maybe Alaric. Unfortunately, Alaric is like the Freya figure from 'The Originals' and only protects The Saltzman school with his wisdom and maturity. Hope's action sequence is also a huge letdown. 

As for the creature and what happens to it, is plot B. Plot A are the characters and their lives, a pattern all 'The Vampire Diaries' spin-offs and the show itself have followed so far. Pyromancer isn't the most creative villain, to be honest, and we never really get to see the backstory or any sort of explanation as to why the person was there in the first place. There isn't even enough information for us to be able to connect the dots. This area is something that the show's writers should definitely focus on - give us some answers for characters we may never see again! 

As for the character arcs, they are deep, meaningful, very realistic and enraging at times. Hope and the Saltzman twins are vulnerable, innocent and absolutely evil all at the same time. Teen angst is done so well in this show and this episode only explores that mental state further. Even though their situations are more intense, they are still tackling puberty - and it's absolutely relatable. The episode manages to encompass being an outcast but being powerful at the same time. Manipulation, revenge, jealousy, and loyalty are the themes that drive this episode forward. 




As for Hope, she predictably is battling daddy issues. She may not know it yet but she's turning out to be exactly like her father - something she had vowed she would never be. Hope had seen very little of her dad and the side she did see was the better part of him. Bouts of anger and regret was a crucial element in Niklaus' character in 'The Originals' and 'The Vampire Diaries' if not all of him. Hope's constant rebellion and her inability to control her vices make you wonder if the apple truly doesn't fall far from the tree. This episode shows an unstable side to Hope's magic and how she's finding the strength to go on after her entire family moved away from her. With the amount of maturity she often shows in the show, it's sometimes easy to forget that she's just a teen who went through something tragic. 

Landon's character arc really just vanishes into thin air with this episode and frankly, it isn't that disappointing. Hope seems to have a lot of issues she needs to sort out. The show also deals with mental health in a fantastic way - by making it something everyone should care and talk about, even tribrids. 




Although there is a lot of room for improvement, this episode did feel like home in many ways - especially if you are a huge fan of the series. Like its predecessor, 'Legacies' has given us its theme once again: 'family above all' but in a much healthier and non-toxic environment. This generation of supernaturals have issues to deal with, are getting the help they so truly need and have guidance from a man who has his head on his shoulders. Unlike Elijah and Klaus' rule, this one believes in finding the third door. 

'Legacies' airs every Thursday at 9/8c on CW. 

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