Lee Greenwood sings 'God Bless The USA' with Home Free and US Airforce Band, fans say 'make it the National Anthem'

Speaking about the song, the 77 year old Lee Greenwood revealed, "This is ‘God Bless The U.S.A.’ like you’ve never heard it before."

                            Lee Greenwood sings 'God Bless The USA' with Home Free and US Airforce Band, fans say 'make it the National Anthem'
Lee Greenwood with members of Home Free and the US Airforce band ( Home Free)

Country music legend, Lee Greenwood, best known as the iconic singer of 'God Bless The USA' just did a special rendition of his signature song in collaboration with the a capella group Home Free and members of the US Airforce Band. The new soul-stirring a capella version of this patriotic classic is perfectly timed for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend, and fans are raving on social media about how amazing it sounds. Due to the ongoing coronavirus social distancing protocols, the singers worked with each other and producer Darren Rust from four different locations in the United States, namely Nashville, Washington DC, Minneapolis and Los Angeles. You can check out their fabulous new rendition in the music video below, which was produced by Jimmy Bates. 


 The five members of the vocals-only country music group Home Free have been covering 'God Bless The USA' in their live shows for well over a decade now, so it was a momentous occasion when the 77-year-old Greenwood teamed up with them, along with members of the United States Airforce Band. “I really appreciate their music and their work,” said Greenwood about Home Free. “They’re such a great cover group and I know that they had recorded my song before and sing it in their show. When we were talking about collaborating not just with Home Free but also with the United States Air Force singers, I thought, well this is really a positive for the Fourth of July, being we’re not working. I think the common thread in Nashville is if Lee Greenwood doesn’t sing ‘God Bless The USA’ on the Fourth of July, take the flag down. So we really wanted to make sure we had a virtual performance. It was just a great opportunity for me.” He also added later, "This is ‘God Bless The USA’ like you’ve never heard it before.”

Recording Artist Lee Greenwood performs on stage at SiriusXM Nashville Studios at Bridgestone Arena on January 30, 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Getty Images)

Austin Brown of Home Free was equally excited about this new project, saying, “This is a song that Home Free has been singing for, quite literally, its entire existence, for over twenty years now.” He continued,  “We closed the show for probably 15 years straight with this song. Now we save it for special occasions or if we do a function for veterans or that sort of thing. It’s almost like a secondary national anthem for this country. When we sing this song, everyone in the audience, no matter where we are in this country, everyone stands up. It’s one of those songs that’s gonna be here forever. It’s going to be in the American culture forever. And the opportunity to do this with a legend like Lee Greenwood, the original artist, the guy who wrote this song, it doesn’t get any better than this.”

Members of Home Free (Wikimedia Commons / Ben P L)

Greenwood also paid special tribute to the stunning qualities of US Air Force Band singers, saying “I’ve worked for the USO for many years and worked with the United States Air Force. These singers from the Air Force, they are every bit professional quality. They’re the best I’ve ever heard.”

Brown also talked about the continued relevance of 'God Bless The USA' in these current times, saying, “It’s a time where’s there’s just so much fear, so much discord. We have so much drawn between us and so much information coming from so many different sources. Home Free’s goal, when we’re picking a song and singing a song, we’re trying to sow love into this world. We’re trying to sow unity.” He also added, "It’s a song that transcends time and has the potential to bring us all together. Because the words speak to something that everyone can relate to if you just open your heart to it, regardless of your political, religious, ethical, or moral beliefs.”

Still from 'God Bless The USA' (Home Free)

Fans were showering plenty of praise and love on the gorgeous new version on social media. One fan said, "I got goosebumps and tears in my eyes while watching and listening to this awesome song by this wonderful cast!" Another listener also posted "That was incredible. I am literally speechless right now. This was so beautiful, words can't even describe it."

A longtime Greenwood fan said, "I have always loved Lee Greenwood, and this song, it has always make me tear up, and Home Free has always done this song justice, and I LOVE all my servicemen and women, but I must say this is the best song EVER..."

A former military member exclaimed, "This song should be our National Anthem. God Bless the USA: Vietnam Veteran 1970, I love it and play whenever I can."

Another fan concluded, "'God Bless the USA' has been around for a long time and I have heard many renditions of this song. But I have to say today that Home Free has made a masterpiece. Home Free has harmony. Lee Greenwood has the heart and soul as the original artist. USAF Singing Sergeants has the back of all the USA representing our country's military. What a beautiful collaboration. Thank you Home Free for something very special this 4th of July."

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