'Michael Jackson Innocent' campaign: Fans plaster London buses with posters supporting the King of Pop

'Michael Jackson Innocent' campaign: Fans plaster London buses with posters supporting the King of Pop

In 1993 Michael Jackson was first accused of sexually abusing an underage boy at his Neverland Ranch home and since then for the rest of his life he had been dogged by allegations involving pedophilia and sexual abuse. Even at the time of his death in 2009, Jackson had denied every accusation against him and had never been convicted of any crime.

But now since the release of the HBO documentary 'Leaving Neverland, the pop star's reputation has taken quite the hit'. In the film James Safechuck and Wade Robson both allege Jackson sexually abused them when they were children but it seems that Jackson's fans are not willing to hear of it. 

Former Big Brother UK contestant and Jackson fanatic Seany O’Kane has started an entire GoFundMe page, and following his efforts, now several buses in London are carrying out adverts with Jackson's face, covered with a tape that has 'Innocent' written on it. The posters also carry the declaration, "Facts don’t lie... People do" next to Jackson's picture. 

Kane posted on the GoFundMe page, "In response to the #LyingAboutNeverland MOCKumentry, I decided to come up with the idea of having adverts placed on the sides of British buses, showing support for Michael Jackson, both in London and around the country."

Ruling out the fact that he is probably starting the protest solely as a fan, Kane mentioned, "The truth is, I am genuinely more interested in principles and the moral wrong that has overcome media outlets recently, in their attempt to vilify a dead black man and drag his life's work and reputation through the mud - based on seriously questionable declarations from people who stand to gain a lot financially from their untruths."

Kane's page is receiving a lot of support which proves that fans do not believe in the allegations. (GoFundMe)
Kane's page is receiving a lot of support which proves that fans do not believe in the allegations. (GoFundMe)

He later came with the reason why he chose the buses across London, to carry out the message, "in relation to the London buses - they are iconic and instantly recognizable across the world. Having our messages captured this way offers the public an opportunity to take pictures and share on social media, promoting the genuine belief that there is a huge group in society that believe and know he is INNOCENT. If I had my way, every bus, newspaper, TV station and radio would all feature this message, however sadly, there is only so much that can be done in showing our support in the short timescale that we have."

The campaign has managed to raise around £14,792 of its £20,000 goal, and the campaign within a month has seen donations coming from almost 277 people.

Jackson's own nephew Taj, who is the son of former Jackson 5 guitarist Tito, has showed his support by tweeting, "If you walked into a court trial and only heard 4 hrs of the prosecution and had to leave without hearing one word from the defense and decide someone’s fate...of course you would declare guilty! It’s unfair. It’s unethical and it’s dangerous. That’s the movie #LeavingNeverland." However, looks like Kane is not alone. Another devoted fan in the USA, Jennifer Marino, too, started her own campaign as she plans on setting up digital boards.

Marino stated on her GoFundMe page, "This is to educate people on the truth and facts about Michael Jackson’s Innocence. A documentary regarding Mr. Jackson will be aired on HBO in March. However it is a one sided interview with two individuals proven to be liars. There are no facts or truth whatsoever. I have decided to go with digital billboards. They will be shown all across the USA The cost are based upon how much you want your ad displayed on a billboard. You pick location, days and times for ad to be displayed and how much a day you want to spend. Receipts will be shown as well as locations of billboards!!"

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