Leah Remini to play a patriotic conservative lesbian in Fox's comedy pilot

Remini's character will embody a stereotypical conservative who happens to be married to a woman, leading a rather progressive life.

                            Leah Remini to play a patriotic conservative lesbian in Fox's comedy pilot
Leah Remini (Source: Getty Images)

Leah Remini had two things to celebrate this Flag Day — the day itself and the fact that she just landed the role of a patriotic conservative who happens to be a lesbian, reported TV Line.

She is all set to star in a yet to be titled comedy pilot at Fox, written by the writers of the popular show ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,’ Rob McElhenney and Rob Rosell.

Remini plays a character named Jean, who describes herself as a patriot who loves her country and strongly believes in the principles of conservatism. Though she fits most stereotypes associated with a typical conservative, Jean also happens to lead a progressive lifestyle. She is a lesbian and married to a woman name Betty, who helps her raise her two sons along with the boys' father, Jean’s ex-husband Ritchie, who lives in their garage.

The untitled show is being considered for a a potential mid-season launch should Fox order it to series.

Remini is just coming off CBS’ now-cancelled sitcom ‘Kevin Can Wait.’ She reunited with her ‘Kings of Queens’ co-star Kevin James in the show. The recent plot development on the show led to Remini’s character, Vanessa Cellucci, becoming a series regular. Though it meant a promotion for Remini, the same did not apply for the show.

Remini’s promotion came at the cost of Erinn Hayes’ character Donna. Hayes’ played Kevin’s wife in the series, and her character was cut out from the show to allow for Remini’s character. Most of Season 2 focused on Kevin and Vanessa starting a private security firm. This change created great controversy and was not well received.

CBS EVP Thom Sherman admitted that cutting Donna’s character was probably not the best decision.

He said, “The show made a choice at the beginning of this year, we agreed to go along with it, and unfortunately the audience did not respond to it.”

Remini is also the creator and executive producer of A&E Network’s hit nonfiction docuseries, “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.”

Season 3 is all set to release this fall. The show revolves around the stories of former members of the Church of Scientology whose lives have been affected by the Church’s harmful practices. It won an Emmy last year for informational series last year.

The show was actually inspired by personal experiences, as Remini too was a part of the controversial church for several years.

She told Variety: “I am so incredibly proud of this show and the movement that has started around it which continues to grow each and every day. I’m honored to have a home at A&E Networks and am grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to expand our relationship telling brave stories and bringing truth to light, no matter the obstacles.”

She also decided to expand her contact with A&E Networks with an overall, exclusive first-look development deal very recently.