Xenia Ghali's new single 'Lay in Your Arms' is lyrically and musically emotional, here's what it meant to the artist

Xenia Ghali's latest single 'Lay In Your Arms' may have all the electro house beats, but she laid the foundation of the song with a piano, she shared more with Meaww

                            Xenia Ghali's new single 'Lay in Your Arms' is lyrically and musically emotional, here's what it meant to the artist

Greek musician, Xenia Ghali, launched her latest single 'Lay In Your Arms' December 7, not long after she received raving reviews for her previous single 'Stick Around' released earlier this year which generated over a million Spotify streams. The 29-year-old songstress sat down for a candid interview with Meaww where she shared the inspiration behind the new electro house beat music featuring "vulnerable" lyrics, all interwoven for a blissful experience.


Sharing that she is really excited, Ghali said 'Lay In Your Arms' means a "feeling of complete happiness." Splitting the meaning of the title into two, she explained first in personal terms; "When you lie in the person, who is your person, and their arms, that's what 'Lay In Your Arms' means to me." When it came to the song, she added she wrote it with a lot of love and passion where the music is "extremely intricate."

A rather surprising piece of information the young musician shared is that she created the entire musical foundation of this new electro-beat-house music with a piano. "If you listen to the track more carefully it has a beautiful piano part and that is how I initially started creating the record."

She went on to share she later added all the elements we hear including the violins which she was very excited about because she studied it from scoring. "Having the opportunity to experiment and bring in some of my more classical background was really important to me. So, it's an important record for me, musically speaking as well." When it comes to the inspiration behind the song, she affirmed in full honesty that because this piece is both lyrically and musically emotional, as well as dynamic, it had to be "derived from real-life situations.",

"It was more about me remembering certain things or reimagining certain things in my mind," she said, adding: "If I can put it in a certain way, it was almost like I was dreaming of an ideal situation in my mind. So that's how it came about with regards to writing and my inspiration."

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When asked what came first; the lyrics or the electro house beats, the Paris-born musician said even before she got started on the actual sound, she knew what she wanted. "I really wanted to work on progressive house records but in the older sense. I remember in the 90's to early 2000s that kind of progressive, super melodic, emotional, dynamic and driving style with regards to house music was very popular and I always loved that because it combined every single element I personally love in songs and in music."

With regards to the beat, the harmony, the melody and the lyrical content, she said: "I really wanted to produce a record like that so I actually started experimenting just instrumentally speaking and, of course, the actual topline came about and that inspired me highly and I basically built the whole record both listening to the topline and also bringing in certain things I wanted to do even before the actual song."

Describing her new single in four words; she uses the adjectives "passionate", "deep", "driving". With a bit of hesitance for the fourth one, because it has to be a good one, she concluded with "vulnerable." Yup, that's the fourth word she said and concluded the interview with a smile.

Here's her latest track 'Lay In Your Arms.'