'Racist' cop who shot black man inside his house shared meme calling Colin Kaepernick's protest 'cancer'

30-year-old Amber Guyger shot Botham Shem Jean on September 6 after 'mistakenly' entering his apartment believing it to be her's and assuming Jean to be an 'intruder'

                            'Racist' cop who shot black man inside his house shared meme calling Colin Kaepernick's protest 'cancer'

Amber Guyger, the Dallas cop who fatally shot her black neighbor Botham Shem Jean, is a "racist", according to the victim's attorney S Lee Merritt who spoke to Daily Mail in an exclusive interview.

The attorney said he has been hard at work trying to determine the cop's personality and temperament by scouring through her social media posts. While most of Guyger's social media accounts were deleted, some of her posts were archived and shared across social media after the incident.

According to the attorney, she allegedly saved a meme in her account which showed a picture of controversial footballer Colin Kaepernick emblazoned with the words: "The NFL died, of Colin cancer."

Sceenshot (Pinterest)
Sceenshot (Pinterest)

He further stated, "Just a review of some of her pictures on social media, the memes that she placed, those are tell-tale signs of what she felt strongly about. Guyger's social media reflects a woman who feels strongly about people like Colin Kaepernick, calling his protest the Colin cancer of NFL. She expressed a repeated and intense propensity towards violence — particularly her having a short temper, she bragged about it. The world was fortunate that she didn't stab anyone in the throat this week. She was dressed in black in preparation for our funerals so don't mess with her. Repeated threats like that she was engaging in light-heartedly. That wasn't out of her character - that is who she was."

Screenshot (Pinterest)
Screenshot (Pinterest)

Another meme she saved reads: "I wear all black to remind you not to mess with me, because I'm already dressed for your funeral." Guyger commented below the post, writing: "Yah I got meh a gun a shovel an gloves if I were u back da f**k up and get out of meh f**king a** [sic]."

While social media is only a glimpse into someone's personality, the posts are indicative of her character, Merritt claims.

The lawyer also said that he believes Guyger has repeatedly lied in her statements to the police and was completely sober when she fatally shot Jean. According to him, conversations with those present during the crime contradicted the theory that Guyger was drunk when she fired the shots.

Merritt said, "That seemed to be the only thing that made any sense and it would almost make Amber less blameworthy if she was drunk because drinking affects your logical reasoning, it affects your ability to proceed. So, it would still be tragic and it would still be criminal, but it would be at least less blameworthy. However, from everything I've been able to find, everyone that I talked to was convinced that she was not under the influence of alcohol at all — that she was sober."

The lawyer also refuted claims of Guyger and Jean sharing a previous relationship, citing call and text records along with interviews with both their friend circles. 

"I can't come up with a theory that works," Merritt told Daily Mail. "I know that the statements she's offered aren't true and I know she's lying because, either she did something more sinister or the way she did what she did by accident was so negligent, she felt she had to come up with another story. There's aspects of her story that just could not have happened and, frankly, have changed significantly in less than a week. So I know that she's not telling the truth. I just don't know why."

Having said that, Meritt hopes Jean's case will bring forth the issue of police brutality to the public forum.

"I've seen his death described as the worst case of police brutality in the nation's history because the factors surrounding the use of deadly force have gotten worse and worse and worse but when you're literally in the safety and comfort of your own home and death visits your door, the idea that you're safe nowhere becomes overwhelming," Merritt said. "So if his death is not the straw, it's going to be a straw that breaks the back of police brutality and I hope that's the legacy for the family. The idea this senseless killing will go beyond this case and lead to reform throughout the country."

On the night of September 6, at around 9.59 pm, 30-year-old Amber Guyger shot Botham Shem Jean after 'mistakenly' entering his apartment in Dallas' Southside Flats believing it to be her's and assuming Jean to be an 'intruder'.