Who was Laurionne Walker? Pasadena girl, 6, shot multiple times in apartment by man over spilled water

Who was Laurionne Walker? Pasadena girl, 6, shot multiple times in apartment by man over spilled water
Raymeon Means faces a capital murder charge in connection with the shooting of Laurionne Walker (Harris County District Attorney, gunmemorial.org)

PASADENA, TEXAS: The man accused of fatally shooting a six-year-old Texas girl after an argument over spilled water, is being charged with capital murder, authorities said on Saturday.

The incident happened at an apartment complex Friday, from where the assailant, Raymeon Means, 35, fled after shooting little Laurionne Walker multiple times. He was later caught and taken to jail, according to police. Capital murder charges were pressed against Means, which were accepted by the Harris District Attorney's Office. He remains in jail without bond, according to Pasadena police. 


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Laurionne Walker (gunmemorial.org)


Who was Laurionne Walker?

The police department in Pasadena, a city southeast of Houston, said officers responded to reports of a shooting at an apartment complex around 11.30 am, KPRC-TV reported on Friday. Police said a male family member of Laurionne Walker shot the six-year-old girl multiple times. She died at Bayshore Medical Center in Pasadena from her injuries, police said. Means' connection to Walker isn't immediately explained, but ABC13 Houston reported police as saying that Means is related to the person who rents the apartment.

A neighbor, Mauricio Alvarez, told KPRC that they saw Means walking around in the area, and that he had knocked on his door not too long before the shooting, to ask 'if you have water coming down because the little girl clogged the toilet,' according to Click2Houston. Alvarez said Means left, following which he soon heard arguments from the apartment. “[The family member] was banging on a car. The woman upstairs had a knife and they were saying, ‘Get out of here. Get out of here!’” Alvarez said in the report. “[Later] he went running upstairs, and we heard like 4-5 shots, and he started running, and we started hearing screams," Alvarez added.

This is the second time Walker's family has been struck by tragedy this week, according to KPRC. The six-year-old's mother, who was not identified, told ABC13 that her daughter was left in the care of a relative so she could attend a vigil for her sister-in-law Porschia Branch, 28, and her three children, who died in a suspected drunk driver crash on Sunday night. Walker's mother was an aunt to the three children who died in the car accident on March 16, in Spring, Texas. Police alleged that Daniel Canada, 35, was drunk with a blood-alcohol level of at least .15 when he slammed into the family's car, bursting it into flames, KPRC 2 Houston reported.

Laurionne's uncle, Damien House, who was the father of the three children who died in the car crash, offered words of comfort to his sister.  "All I can say to my sister, 'I'm here for her.' I can imagine what she's going through because we're all going through the same thing."

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