'Latinos for Trump' roundtable in Arizona hailed a success, but Internet asks 'where are the Latinos?'

‘Latinos for Trump’ is a group rallying to re-elect Trump by 'sharing the historic gains made in Latino communities as a result of the Trump administration' according to the organization's website

                            'Latinos for Trump' roundtable in Arizona hailed a success, but Internet asks 'where are the Latinos?'
Donald Trump (Getty Images)

President Donald Trump hosted a 'Latinos for Trump' roundtable at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix on September 14. This is the president's fifth visit to Arizona this year. As reported by AZfamily.com, his objective was to talk to Latinos, a crucial group of voters in Arizona. ‘Latinos for Trump’ is a group rallying to re-elect Trump by "sharing the historic gains made in Latino communities as a result of the Trump administration," according to the organization's website. The report says that there were signs around the resort saying that masks were required, but many in the crowd were not wearing them.

The report further states that Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey took part in the roundtable. Even Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno, along with several small business owners were present. One by one, they praised the Trump administration and how much they believe President's policies have helped the Hispanic community. According to PBS NewsHour, Trump spoke to hundreds of supporters at the event. "This is supposed to be a roundtable, but it looks like a rally," he told the crowd.

Meanwhile, Trump took a dig at Joe Biden regarding what a Biden administration would mean to Arizona. "Joe Biden... he doesn't sound too good to me. You need a lot of energy to do this job properly," said Trump. Trump claimed, "Before the China virus, we achieved the lowest Hispanic-American unemployment rate ever recorded." He also said, "We implemented historic tax cuts, cut regulations, and created opportunity zones which have helped minority communities."

Soon after the event, social media users took to Twitter to weigh in their views. One supporter said, "Yes, a fantastic Trump in Arizona for Latino's for Trump roundtable. A must watch with Angel Baseball owner Arturo "Arte" Moreno." Another stated, "I have yet to see a better round table EVER than the Latino Roundtable with Trump. I am not Latino nor a minority - but I was proud to be an American listening to their stories, their successes, and their love for this Country and @realDonaldTrump. My success was not easy either.." One said, "Wow...Trump crushed that townhall with Latinos for Trump. Let's hear it for the Latino community and their success with his policies."






However, there were others who had a different opinion. One user said, "Amazing turnout for the Latinos for Trump rally! I counted two brown people. That's two more than typically show up." Another questioned, "Anyone know why there are no Latinos at the Latinos for Trump roundtable (actually an indoor rally)?" Another alleged, “Can't wrap my head around why any Latino/a would vote for Rump ... he's caged brown kids and is sterilizing women in the ICE concentration camps." AP White House reporter Jonathan Lemire wrote: "What was billed as a 'Latinos for Trump roundtable' in Phoenix sure feels more like another indoor rally." One said, "Latinos for Trump is a joke."










On September 13, Trump hosted a crowded indoor political rally in Nevada, ignoring objections by the governor and others, as per USA Today. "Tonight, President Donald Trump is taking reckless and selfish actions that are putting countless lives in danger here in Nevada," said Gov. Steve Sisolak, a Democrat. "The president appears to have forgotten that this country is still in the middle of a global pandemic."

As per the report, "Tell your governor to open up your state," Trump told his supporters – most of them crowded together on a factory floor, and many of them not wearing masks given out by the Trump campaign. The Nevada rally, held at a manufacturing business in Henderson, near Las Vegas, most likely violated state restrictions on large gatherings in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The report says that Henderson officials issued a compliance letter and verbal warning to the event organizers. Kathleen Richards, a spokeswoman for the city of Henderson, said that "gatherings of more than 50 people in a private or public setting is prohibited" and if rules are not followed, she said, "The city may assess a fine of up to $500 per violation as well as suspend or revoke the business license."

In a statement, the Trump campaign said that everyone attending the event received a temperature check, was provided a mask (and encouraged to wear it), and had access to hand sanitizers. "If you can join tens of thousands of people protesting in the streets, gamble in a casino, or burn down small businesses in riots, you can gather peacefully under the 1st Amendment to hear from the President of the United States," said campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh.

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