Top 3 Late Night Shows' crossover editions we can't stop rewatching on YouTube

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought plenty of 'Late Night' TV crossovers, which feel like friends Face Timing but only with more wit and charisma mixed into the proceedings

                            Top 3 Late Night Shows' crossover editions we can't stop rewatching on YouTube
Conan O'Brien, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, John Oliver and Jimmy Fallon (Getty Images)

Who would have thunk that the coronavirus pandemic would bring us such a bounty of 'Late Night' TV crossovers? Turns out that 'At Home' editions of Late Night shows are allowing hosts to crash each other's shows and we likey, very much indeed. It feels like friends Face Timing but only with oodles more wit and charisma mixed into the proceedings.

With the same zeitgeist that drove Jerry Seinfeld's 'Comedians in Cars...' series, we have the Late Night hosts' version play out with zingers and one-liners as they get used to the very weird experience of connecting with an audience (and each other) with bare minimum set-ups at home. Here are the top Late Night crossovers we can't stop replaying.  

Colbert and Oliver try their favorite cuss words 

We can just go ahead and name Stephen Colbert as the king of this current crossover trend. Colbert invited the rapid-fire John Oliver as "his only guest" for his show on March 30. He found a somewhat frazzled Oliver as they discussed how the latter was hosting HBO's 'Last Week Tonight' in isolation.

The conversation had a great start with both Colbert and Oliver trying out their favorite cuss words to see if they could get it past the CBS censor. Spoiler alert — they couldn't. Instead, we got tantalizing bleeps and one of these mystery cuss words also had Oliver saying "Come on CBS" about it being censored.

We also got to see a never-before sight of what hosts are wearing under that table. Oliver revealed his "sweat-stained" sweatpants "with baby drool and peanut butter", while Colbert revealed that while he was wearing "big boy" pants, he wasn't wearing any shoes.

But the best part of the three-part interview was when Colbert asked who Oliver wanted to rub up against once the pandemic was over or as Colbert said, "Only rubbing, no sex". Oliver said the iconic image of the pandemic being over would be like the iconic "Times Square kiss", but only of "two strangers with their hands on each others' faces, just rubbing it". Oliver also signed off saying, "I can't wait to rub my hand on your face", to which Colbert replied, "It's a date" as they stroked each others' faces through the screen. 



Colbert talks to O'Brien about his beef with Bob Dylan

Conan O'Brien as Colbert's guest set the tone about feuds when he discussed how he and Liza were getting along under quarantine. "There was a period there when it got really bad and I took a lipstick and drew a face on a broom and I was talking to that for a while...and our marriage flourished under those conditions," he told Colbert, to which Colbert quipped, "she swept you off your feet!"

Later Colbert brought up his beef with Bob Dylan for not letting him do the song parody of his 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' with a "neutron bomb of a lawsuit", which he thought was not very nice. Colbert also gave Conan a taste of what "America would never hear."

The lyrics went: "We are all in the basement, wishing for some medicine/ I'm isolating, recommended by the government/ the man in the cheap gloves GrubHub day job/ says he got a bad cough/ wants to get a test swab/ I don't want no virus cells, you better Purell/ the Trump don't work coz the Fauci makes him grouchy." This is good TV, folks! It is so good that even Conan posted the interview clip on his YouTube channel.  



Fallon and Noah explore the 'zombie coronavirus' scenario

'The Tonight Show: At Home Edition' has been a revelation because of Jimmy Fallon really taking to the format. He is far less annoying and his laugh is wonderfully genuine for once. This is even more apparent when he talks to his guests from home like when he chatted with Trevor Noah, the host of 'The Daily Show.' He joked about creating "weapons out of tripods" when Trevor talked about the world post the "coronavirus apocalypse". What's more, Fallon seemed to also get really interesting bytes from Trevor.

They kidded around about how people "don't know what to buy in an emergency." Trevor spoke of how "bread is the worst thing to buy in a disaster... there's mold! It doesn't last" before moving on to the toilet paper-buying frenzy during the current coronavirus scare. "Like coronavirus is going to make you just go on a rampage in the bathroom," said Trevor, to which Fallon talked of his friend buying giant vats of canola oil. "Is there a lot of deep frying going on...what's happening in your quarantine?" he joked.

Fallon and Trevor also had loads of fun parodying the zombie apocalypse genre for the coronavirus scare, specifically the poor doctor who warns everyone in the beginning and then gets his face eaten off by zombies after being asked to shut up about his warnings.  

Trevor also called Fallon "corona king" after Fallon revealed he would practice his stand up sets facing a brick wall in his apartment in LA. Trevor said Fallon was "made for this" — broadcasting under quarantine — to which Fallon said, "I finally found my medium!"  We can't wait for Trevor to hit the Colbert show next week. See the Trevor's 'Tonight show' interview from the 10:10 mark. 



Honorable Mentions:

David Spade about competing with Brad Pitt to play Joe Exotic on 'The Ellen Show
Quotable Quote: "He carries his Oscar to auditions now."  

Jimmy Fallon speaking with 'Watch What Happens' host Andy Cohen about recovering from COVID-19, his golden disco ball and teaching his baby to say "da-da"
Quotable Quote: "All he ever says is da-da-da-da-da-da-da. There's a glitch in the system, man." 

Kimmel interviewing Ellen on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (from home) where Ellen spills the beans on Portia's cooking with the "Andy Aquarium" in the backdrop 
Quotable Quote: "We are trying to support all the restaurants. That's what I'm telling her. But she's learned how to cook which is more than what I can say I've done."

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