Las Vegas teacher who threatened to shoot up a concert wanted to "poke a lot of holes in a lot of people"

Las Vegas teacher who threatened to shoot up a concert wanted to "poke a lot of holes in a lot of people"
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A woman who was teacher at a high school in Las Vegas was recently arrested after she allegedly threatened to "poke a lot of holes in a lot of people".

The woman allegedly did so because she wanted to start her own version of the #MeToo movement, except this one would be to make sure that "women felt empowered to become serial killers."

48-year-old Leslie McGourty, the teacher with killer instincts, had also allegedly made a threat that she would shoot others and herself at a concert that took place in Las Vegas.

The teacher has been slapped with a felony charge of threat to commit an act of terrorism.

McGourty, who is a physics teacher at the Bonanza High School, was arrested on May 16 by Las Vegas police officers who were on the campus grounds.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, her friend told the authorities that she had sent multiple messages to them that implied she was going to kill herself and other people as well.

McGourty's text messages show that she was planning to go to a concert that was scheduled to take place on May 19 in Las Vegas. The diabolical plan involved her going for the concert and shooting many other people before she turned the weapon on herself.

She wrote in the text messages: "A perfect plan with my favorite song surrounded by a bunch of f****** up misfits like I am."

"Imagine knowing exactly the moment that you’re going to die. I know exactly that your favorite song will be playing. By your favorite band. It’s just too perfect."

According to KTNV, McGourty had allegedly texted her friend and said that she was "forming a plan" that would be so good that it will "blow everyone's mind" and that after this "people will remember me".

In another text exchange that she had with her friend, she wrote: "I have the means, motive, and brains. Vegas will lose its luster after me." 


McGourty's friend replied to the text and wrote: "You have a hole deep inside you are trying to fill. A little voice screaming to be cared for."

The teacher then replied with: "But since nobody's filling it, I'm going to poke a lot of holes in a lot of people on Saturday."

The friend persisted and asked: "Again to what end than to hurt other people?"

McGourty then replied: "Imagine knowing exactly the moment that you're going to die. I know exactly that your favorite song will be playing. By your favorite band. It's just too perfect."  

McGourty was arrested and she told the investigators that she was going to go for a concert in downtown Las Vegas, according to the plan.

The concert was set to take place at Beauty Bar with the headline act being an alternative metal band from Brooklyn, New York called Life of Agony.

McGourty told the authorities that the messages she sent to her friend were not weird because she apparently "often has those types of conversations" with said friend. She also said that her messages were taken completely out of context.


People run from the Route 91 Harvest country music festival after apparent gun fire was heard on October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada (Getty Images)

The physics teacher has been released on bail and is due to appear in court on June 19.

A shooting at a concert in Las Vegas last year was the worst mass shooting that had taken place in US history.

Police officers stand by as medical personnel tend to a person on Tropicana Avenue near Las Vegas Boulevard after the mass shooting (Getty Images)


64-year-old Stephen Paddock had fired more than 1,100 rounds of ammunition from the window of his hotel room on the 32nd floor in the Mandalay Bay resort on October 1, 2017.

He was responsible for the deaths of 58 people and for wounding over 400 more who were attending the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in the grounds outside the hotel.


After he committed the heinous crimes, Paddock took his own life with the same weapon. The authorities are yet to find a motive for the massacre.

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