Elicia Miller: Vegas daycare worker hits boy, 2, and breaks his leg in SHOCKING video

Elicia Miller: Vegas daycare worker hits boy, 2, and breaks his leg in SHOCKING video
Screengrabs of the video show daycare worker Elicia Miller snap the toddler's legs on May 12, 2021 (Credits: 8 News I-Team)

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: A horrific security footage shows Las Vegas daycare worker manhandling a two-year-old boy as few other toddlers watched the scene unfold. The daycare worker identified as Elicia Miller, 32, was charged with child abuse for the May 2021 altercation at Creme de la Creme daycare, Las Vegas. Miller, however, will not serve jail time for the incident as she pleaded guilty to attempted child abuse in June 2021, receiving only probation, 50 hours of community service and an anger management class. 

The injured boy's parents who wish to remain anonymous amid media coverage of the incident, are now suing the Las Vegas daycare and Miller for negligence and abuse. In the shocking video footage, Miller can be seen picking up the unidentified boy, slamming him to the ground, and grappling with him until his leg snaps on May 12, 2021. As a result, the boy ended up undergoing surgery for a broken leg. 


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The video footage first obtained by the 8 News I-Team shows an upset Miller violently scooping the child off the floor and carrying him across the room as she held him by his armpits. The staffer was then seen slamming the child to the floor behind a piece of furniture, obscuring the camera's view. The clip also shows seven other toddlers at the daycare watching the incident in distress. 

Hours later, the boy's father arrived at the establishment to pick up the child, finding him distraught and shrieking in pain. The boy's father says he was told to come pick up his son from school because his son was crying after another toddler hit him. The daycare worker told the child's father of the physical encounter between her and his son and apologized as he put his son into his car. The toddler's father told KLAS, "She like profusely, apologized. 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry', as she was walking by as I'm loading him in. And I … I just kind of brushed it off like, you know, like, I need … I need to go. I need to take care of him." Shortly after, he and his wife learned their son's leg was broken in an X-ray.

The child's father referring to the footage captured by security camera at the Las Vegas daycare said of the children watching, "They know what pain looks like and sounds like, and he … he was in pain." The father added that the kid has struggled after undergoing surgery, having to re-learn how to walk, PTSD and other behavioral changes. He said, "I've never heard him cry like that." "He would shriek in a pitch that would break your heart," the toddler's mom added. The parents also revealed that the child also struggled with speaking after the incident. 

The parents' attorney, Adam Ellis, said the daycare failed to properly address what unfolded from the start. Ellis said, "If the investigation were different and cameras were reviewed and there were statements taken and taken more seriously and objectively, I think everyone would have realized this was a far more serious situation than they thought it was." 

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