'LA's Finest' Season 2 Episode 4: Will Nancy move on from Patrick and hook up with 'hot bar dude' Luka?

It's about time that Nancy makes a decision regarding her marriage with Patrick, she should decide whether she wants to leave him or mend their fractured relationship

                            'LA's Finest' Season 2 Episode 4: Will Nancy move on from Patrick and hook up with 'hot bar dude' Luka?

After a tumultuous Season 1, 'LA's Finest' has returned for a second round. Our tough cops Nancy McKenna (Jessica Alba) and Sydney Burnett (Gabrielle Union) are back and have a lot going on in their professional as well as personal lives.

The previous season was painful for both of them, Sydney especially, as her close friend Jen was brutally murdered. Nancy almost lost her step-daughter Izzie, who was abducted. Nevertheless, she managed to save her in time, but this led to a rift between her and Patrick. The gap continues to widen between the two in Season 2. It doesn't help matters that Nancy finds out about Izzy's secret job before Patrick (Ryan McPartlin) does, and he is not pleased about it. Izzy is 'whispering' to patients with heart ailments to calm them down and the sex toys that Nancy found are merely props. However, Patrick finds out about this and is angry with both of them as it also poses a threat to his political candidacy.

These are not the only problems between Nancy and Patrick. Nancy found a cute, rugged friend at a bar named Luka, and she ran into him at the hospital as well. Turns out, he is the doctor who was treating Izzy after her car accident. There is an attraction for sure between the two of them, though Nancy is determined not to veer from her path and makes it clear that she is married and 'unavailable'.

She tells him this in no uncertain terms and they promise to be 'drinking' buddies, even though Nancy's close friend Syd is all for it and refers to him as the 'hot bar dude'. Considering that Patrick is being a bit of a stick in the mud, it's probably time for Nancy to address her problems with him and make a decision to end the marriage and finally move on, or maybe just mend their fractured relationship? It would be fun to see the uptight Nancy break away from character though. Might add more fun to the story that's getting *really* dragged out.

While these romantic skirmishes are happening, there is a massive crimewave in Koreatown, but who cares when hot men are around the block?

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