'I'd risk my life for my sister': Hero boy, 11, rescues sister, 2, from burning home when mom was away

'I'd risk my life for my sister': Hero boy, 11, rescues sister, 2, from burning home when mom was away
An apartment fire had 11-year-old Laprentis Doughty run back into his home to save his little sister's life (Screenshot/WUSA9, Salisbury Fire Department/Facebook)

SALISBURY, MARYLAND: An apartment fire in Maryland had 11-year-old Laprentis Doughty running back into his home to save his toddler sister Loyalty’s life on Tuesday, November 22. The boy, when asked about why he did it, very heroically said, “If I didn’t save my sister, I would be mad at myself because I could’ve saved her easily. I could have saved her, and I would risk my life for my sister.”

The fire was sparked at a bedroom outlet of a two-story apartment on the 1300 block of Jersey Road in Salisbury, Maryland. According to the fire department release, the estimated loss adds up to almost $300,000. It took 10 minutes to put out the fire and the boy suffered minor burns trying to save his sister.


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When Doughty realised there was a fire, he was very quick to make a run for it and leave the building, but ran back in very swiftly upon realising that his 2 year old sister is still inside the home. The child rescued his sister from the second floor and also sustained burn injuries on the arm, while escaping the fire. The burn injuries were not so severe that they required on-scene medical assistance.

More than a dozen firefighters had come to the scene and two of the apartments eight units have become inhabitable because of the magnitude of the fire. The incident happened at 6 pm. The Salisbury Fire Department had posted a few pictures of the rescue on their Facebook page. The post is captioned, “Salisbury Fire Department units on scene with a Apartment Fire on the 1300 block of Jersey Rd. Use caution in the area!”


Jake Day, Mayor of Salisbury, also took a moment to recognize Doughty’s bravery and said, “As a mayor, I’m always looking for citizens who are selfless, citizens who are willing to lead, and we’ve got one right here.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the family to get back up on their feet, with a caption that said, “I humbly ask that all prayer warriors come together for my 11 yr old son La'Prentis Doughty jr. My son rescued his baby sister from our apartment that caught fire due to electrical issues in result we lost everything except for the clothes that we had on our backs. In am greatful that my children are alive and breathing. This happened on November 22,2022 ...we are devastated and in need of help for clothing and shelter. I was out at the grocery store getting food for our Thanksgiving dinner ..omw home my best friend called screaming for me to hurry home my house is on fire. I ask humbly for anyone that is able to help me and my children in our time of need...I also will pray and continue to pray to God to bless everyone who has a hand in helping us to bless each and every one with overflowing Blessings. Thank you for all of the prayers and Love.”

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