FAKE! LAPD clarifies disgusting video of helicopter crew talking about lighting protesters on fire are NOT cops

FAKE! LAPD clarifies disgusting video of helicopter crew talking about lighting protesters on fire are NOT cops
Captain Stacy Spell from LAPD (L), a screenshot from the viral video clip (TR) (Twitter/LAPDHQ, Elijah Daniel)

Amid the ongoing protests in Echo Park, Los Angeles, a shocking video clip went viral claiming that Los Angeles Police Department cops in helicopters were talking about lighting the protesters on fire. In the video, three helicopters can be spotted hovering in the sky as the conversation between two of their pilots can be heard. Pilot 1 says, “It's great when they put the fuel dumps on these helicopters.” Pilot 2 responds, “I would have dumped it on Glendale Boulevard a long time ago," to which Pilot 1 adds, “I'll bring the match.”

The video clip created a furore among the citizens protesting at Echo Park since yesterday, against the proposed uprooting of homeless individuals by the LA city council for a $500,000 repair work. However, soon the LAPD Headquarters issued a public clarification, confirming that the helicopter crew members from the videos were not employees of LAPD.


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What did the LAPD say?

In the detailed explainer video posted on the official Twitter account of LAPD, Captain Stacy Spell elaborates the evidence busting the fake information. 

"View our LAPD video statement to a post circulating on social media of a vile and disturbing commentary between two helicopter crew members. We can confirm they are NOT employees of the LAPD," reads the tweet. 


Captain Spell's statement has been transcribed below: 

"A post circulating on social media attributes a violent and disturbing commentary between two helicopter crew members as being employees from the LAPD. An investigation was initiated, and it has been confirmed that they are not employees of the LAPD. There was a command review by the Air Support Division of the radio transmission and the helicopters depicted in the video. The voices heard are not associated with LAPD crew members or personnel. 

Also, the helicopters in the video are seen hovering. LAPD pilots rarely, if ever, hover. During flight school and training, hovering is not recommended during flying in low altitudes with a single-engine aircraft. 

Also, radio frequency used during this incident is a common aviation frequency used by all aircraft pilots in the area - helicopters, airplanes, news, tours etc. A pilot can be over Santa Monica or in the Valley and communicate clearly over this frequency. Our investigation has definitively determined that these were not LAPD crew members or employees."

City Councilman assures housing for Echo Park's homeless

Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch O'Farrell, who was a prime target of the protesters' outrage, issued a recent statement with an update on the situation. In the statement posted on Twitter, he confirms that the council aims to provide transitional housing to everyone in the park, and has already relocated 32 individuals. 

"I urge calm and cooperation tonight at Echo Park as we continue our work to move the final few people experiencing homelessness from the park into transitional housing before the parkspace closes temporarily for repairs," he tweeted with the following statement. 


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