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Lakers vs Clippers: LeBron James dyes his beard black but Internet wants his salt-and-pepper look back

'Lebron really worried more about dyeing his beard than this game lol', said a user
UPDATED JUL 31, 2020
LeBron James (Getty Images)
LeBron James (Getty Images)

As 2019-20 NBA season has returned nearly 20 weeks later, sports fans aren’t able to contain their excitement. With 22 teams competing against one another at the 2020 NBA Bubble in Florida, which was created to protect the players from Covid-19, the players are centering conversations by gracing the television screens. Similarly, making headlines from the game against Los Angeles Clippers is none other than Los Angeles Lakers' LeBron James, whose beard has caught quite a lot of attention. 

James was seen supporting a thick black beard during the game tonight, July 30, which doesn’t seem to have gone well with the majority of his fans. His famous salt-and-pepper beard seems to have been dyed Black, which has many of his fans wondering why would he let go of his previous look. Soon his fans took to Twitter to express their opinion about James’s beard. While some are of the opinion that he should go back to carrying his previous look, some have stated that the player was so invested in grooming his beard that he ended up performing poorly in the recent game. 

One tweeted, "Holy fucking sh*t do something LeBron my God wtf u waiting on, all I see is turnovers....guess that grey beard u got is showing in your game"


Another added to the previous tweet saying, "Lebron really worried more about dyeing his beard than this game lol"


Meanwhile, a few are seen requesting him to not dye his beard again and retain the salt-and-pepper look. One Tweeted, "Lebron should’ve kept the grey beard smh heck is he doing out there".


One Twitter user noted, "LeBron dying the beard is so LeBron. Can’t see that the cool move would be to leave it gray and bust everybody’s ass looking like he’s in an Uncle Drew commercial."


And some fans have noted that James colored his beard Black only because of the criticism he received on social media for sporting some gray strands in his beard, which was visible even during scrimmages. One angry fan expressed, "Y’all made lebron dye his beard....f*ck y’all!"


Meanwhile, some of them have pointed out that the Lakers' player missed a patch of gray, which was apparently visible during the game. One tweeted, "LeBron missed a lil patch of grey on the left corner of his beard, and he traveled! Nature is healing #NBAisBACK"


Perhaps, as noted by ESPN, James was trying to make a statement by leaving a part of the beard undyed. The report suggests that he was only trying to establish that this is still his league, even after playing for 17 years. 

However, the majority of his fans were simply glad to see him make a comeback in a healthy state. The player experienced a major setback owing to back-to-back injuries around his groin area from two years ago, which limited him to 55 games last season.  Commenting on the impact of the injury on his career, James said, “The injury [last season] hurt me a lot physically and mentally. I put a lot of work into my game this offseason, a lot of work into my rehabbing with my groin, getting back to full strength,” according to Essentially Sports.