Lakers vs Clippers: Joakim Noah's 'castaway' look has fans calling him face of 2020

'Joakim Noah looking like a real-life castaway,' tweeted a fan while others called him 'a visual representation of 2020'

                            Lakers vs Clippers: Joakim Noah's 'castaway' look has fans calling him face of 2020
Joakim Noah (Getty Images)

The NBA season resumed on Thursday, July 30 with the much-awaited matches finally giving basketball aficionados a reason to cheer. The games were halted after March 11 amid the coronavirus outbreak. However, aside from the season's resumption, social media is also abuzz with discussions on Los Angeles Clippers player Joakim Noah's ‘castaway’ look. The Clippers took on Los Angeles Lakers at Walt Disney World Resort and fans couldn't help but notice Noah's appearance. 

“Joakim Noah looking like a real life castaway,” tweeted a fan. Another fan felt that his look had a striking resemblance to Tom Hanks' character Chuck in the film 'Cast Away'. 



'Cast Away' is a 2000 survival drama that features Hanks as Chuck Noland, a FedEx employee stranded on an isolated and uninhabited island after his plane crashes in the South Pacific. Internet users compared his battered and caveman-esque look in the film to Noah’s messy beard and hair.

“Joakim Noah is a visual representation of 2020,” wrote a fan while tweeting a photo of Noah from the match.



“Whoa. I just realized my quarantine look is 100% Joakim Noah. I gotta go apologize to Nora,” quipped JE Skeets, co-host of basketball broadcaster ‘No Dunks’. 


“You saying she doesn't have the Leigh Ellis obsession with this body?” tweeted another user. “Joakim noah looks like he joined an underground fighting tournament in hong kong and is due to fight chong li on the second day in the kumite,” a fan commented. 



However, some users even made some nasty remarks such as, “I think if my dog was a basketball player he would be Joakim Noah”.



Meanwhile, another user shared a still from 'Cast Away' that shows a distressed Hanks with unkempt hair and beard. The user tweeted, "Joakim Noah before he signed with the clippers." 



This match was the first of eight seeding games for the two LA teams and the Lakers have nearly clinched the top spot with a 6.5-game lead following this victory. 

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