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Lakers’ Patrick Beverley shoves Suns’ Deandre Ayton for intimidating Austin Reeves, sparks mixed reactions

Deandre Ayton stood up to confront Patrick Beverly as other team members rushed in and a brawl started
Lakers' Patrick Beverley shoved Suns’ Deandre Ayton after he intimidated Austin Reeves (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Lakers' Patrick Beverley shoved Suns’ Deandre Ayton after he intimidated Austin Reeves (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

PHOENIX, ARIZONA: A game between the Lakers and the Suns took a dramatic turn after Patrick Beverley shoved Deandre Ayton in the fourth quarter. The entire episode left spectators chocked, especially after the other team members stepped in and a brawl started. The incident happened after Devin Booker blocked Austin Reaves.

With 3.55 left in the game and the Suns leading 106-96 on Tuesday night, November 22, things got heated up when Booker blocked Reaves and was called for a foul, which was later upgraded to a Flagrant One. In an attempt to block Reaves from scoring, Booker hit him in the face. The incident took a turn for the worse when both Booker and Ayton were standing over Reaves in an attempt to intimidate him. In a split second, Beverly ran toward Ayton and pushed him to the ground, out of bounds. Ayton stood up to confront Beverly but the two could not get to each other. Beverly was then ejected after officials reviewed the play, as per Yahoo.


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One user complimented Beverly for standing up for his teammate and wrote, "That whole scrum happened because the refs refused to call the taunting fouls on both Booker and Ayton. And once Bev saw Ayton stand over Reaves and put his sneaker right near him, he knocked him on his ass. I respect that." Another user slammed the Suns player and tweeted, "Booker and ayton trying to punk austin reaves, an undrafted player in his second year, after smacking him in the face is why i will never respect this team lmao." Another user wrote, "Ayton flexing on AD who basically dropped 40/20 on him and when he got knocked on his ass by a player half his size ain't no one did nothin. Sweet like Snickers."




However, not everyone is happy with what Beverly did. One user wrote, "Whatever you do, don’t criticize Deandre Ayton. He’s only the #1 overall pick making $35M this season. Be nice. 4 points at half while AD is dominating is okay. We need to protect his feelings. It’s all love and positivity." Another user wrote, "Pat Bev should be suspended/fined. He should of not push Ayton in the back. Yet, he was defending Reaves just did it the wrong way." One more person tweeted, "Taking a cheap shot when Ayton’s back is turned Punk ass lil b****h would never square up face to face. He’d get his s**t rocked."




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