Curse of Lake Lanier? July 4 party cut short after dock sinks!

Videos emerge on social media of a dock sinking during a July 4 party at Lake Lanier, as 'haunted' lake continues to be a danger to visitors

                            Curse of Lake Lanier? July 4 party cut short after dock sinks!
The dock that sank on Lake Lanier on July 4, 2021. (Twitter)

Atlanta's Lake Lanier continued to haunt visitors after a July 4 party ended in tragedy. An entire dock at the lake sank during a party, as videos on social media show. The tragic incident has once again caught people's attention with claims of the lake being haunted re-emerging. 

The lake located in northern Georgia has seen numerous accidents, deaths and injuries over the years. As a result, it has often worn the "haunted" tag. During Independence Day celebrations in 2020, two people drowned at the lake. Following the drowning of a teen in July 2020, calls began to surface for a ban on swimming in the lake but never materialized. Even then, the lake has seen numerous other incidents, like a boat fire in July 2021 that left two adults needing hospitalization.


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Whether it is indeed ghosts or something deadlier is a matter of discussion, but one cannot deny there is something horribly wrong with Lake Lanier. On the fourth of July, the dock collapse isn't the only incident that happened. According to reports, two men drowned in two separate incidents over the weekend. 

A view of Lake Lanier (Mike Gonzalez/Wikimedia Commons)

Lake Lanier strikes again

It's hard to tell what exactly happened since all we have is a short video on Twitter. Narrated by a woman, the video opens with a shot of the dock falling. The woman then appears and says "it was cool at first", with visuals of people partying. Then, the dock begins to collapse and people can be seen jumping into the lake while others run back to the shore, as the dock slowly sinks. To add to the humor of the situation, the sinking is set to Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On'. Here's the full video for you to watch.


It's unclear what exactly caused the dock to sink, but it could be due to excess weight. As the video shows, it was extremely crowded with little space as people were busy enjoying the holiday. Or it could just be the curse of Lake Lanier, we'll let you decide. Thankfully, it doesn't appear as if anyone was injured or killed in the incident. The only reports of death were that of a man drowning after jumping into the lake from a moving boat. In another incident, a man drowned while swimming, with his body being recovered by another swimmer. 

Naturally, Twitter saw the funny side of the situation and responded with a barrage of memes, and warnings. 

A dock on Lake Lanier sinks after a July 4 party in Georiga. (Twitter)


'Still crazy folks are willing to go'

"Lake Lanier is really ATL’s Bermuda Triangle and y’all keep trying it," one person tweeted. Another joked, "The Lake Lanier spirits really been getting creative lately." One person tweeted, "i still think it’s crazy that folks willing go to lake lanier lololol."




One user aptly noted, "they should make a horror movie centered around lake lanier." Another tweeted, "I don't even live in Georgia but I know that when Lake Lanier is trending, is gonna be bad news." One person dragged Georgia Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene into the conversation and said, "Marjorie T Greene will undoubtedly blame this sinking dock on one of the icebergs in Lake Lanier."




One person laughed, "@GACat Lake Lanier strikes again and I'm not sure if anyone died but the song choice had me laughing."


Overall, four people died in Georiga over the July 4 weekend from incidents on the state's many lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Only Lake Lanier though, has people talking. Given its deadly history, we can only say you are better off staying away from the lake.