Lady Gaga called 'ugly' on social media, her Little Monsters tell the world why she's beautiful 'inside and out'

The singer's fanbase aka the Little Monsters started gushing about the artist after she received criticism from haters on her 'ugly' appearance

                            Lady Gaga called 'ugly' on social media, her Little Monsters tell the world why she's beautiful 'inside and out'
Lady Gaga (Getty Images)

The super-popular singer Lady Gaga can barely put a foot wrong these days. Her No.1 album 'Chromatica', which released on May 29 this year, is already on pace for multi-platinum success and her album 'Joanne' has already garnered a billion streams on Spotify alone. So it came as a surprise that some superficial misogynists started dissing her appearance on social media, which prompted a quick retaliation and an outpouring of support and love from her widespread fanbase, whom Lady Gaga has affectionately dubbed her Little Monsters. That wasn't the only reason why Lady Gaga was a trending topic though, so let's take a quick look at what fans were saying about the chart-topping artist on Twitter. "The way Gaga is trending and for what," tweeted one excited fan.



First off, the singer is set to perform along with Ariana Grande at the MTV VMA awards ceremony in New York on August 30 and fans are excitedly looking forward to that appearance. The singers are expected to perform their collaborative hit single 'Rain On Me' and her supporters were worked up into a frenzy when Ariana posted some candid footage of her rehearsing for the VMAs, with many fans expecting Lady Gaga to be present on the scene as well. "I just know that Gaga is right next to her," said one fan barely containing their glee.






Some fans were speculating that she might be dropping a remix soon, considering her 'Chromatica' co-producer BloodPop had revealed the news last month. "An insider said babylon remix is coming this month, bloodpop said the remix is coming soon a month ago, nicola revealed he & gaga have been working on “music videos” a week ago, gaga posted chromatica forever and the last episode of GagaRadio is this week."



Fans in Japan also had legitimate reasons to be excited, since Gaga had recently revealed that she had a special message lined up for them on August 30, the day of the MTV VMAs. 



Also trending was the re-ignited Katy Perry vs Lady Gaga rivalry, with plenty of fans siding with the 'Pokerface' singer over the 'Smile' star.



Another supporter noted that the two high-profile artists couldn't possibly be compared next to each other. "Lady Gaga is a pop legend. She has reinvented herself countless time. She literally “flopped” and then came back and is the biggest pop star again.....y’all are out of your minds to think her and an American idol judge can be compared," reasoned one.



Another listener asserted that Gaga had an edge in terms of sheer quality output with some admitting to have plenty of the singer's songs in their libraries.



But another Gaga fan declared that both fanbases could get along with each other in spite of their rivalries. Speaking for what Gaga would also say, a fan tweeted: Lady Gaga is gorgeous, talented, and doesn’t give two f*cks about comparisons. All pop girls have their place in the industry and have contributed to it. Spread kindness as she would."  



Even more interesting was the trending news that Gaga would be launching a new fragrance called "Voce Viva" with Valentino, with a commercial directed by Harmony Korine set to premiere on September 16. Lady Gaga's song 'Sine From Above' from her Chromatica album will also be used in the ad campaign. 



But the biggest show of support came from her Little Monsters after some sharp-tongued people called Lady Gaga "ugly" on social media, which prompted a wave of scorn for their misogyny and superficial stance. One supporter queried, "I just wanna know if we are looking at the same women?!!!! cuz this is what she looks like with no makeup, y’all wish you were this 'ugly'."



One fan even observed "It’s always “stay out of women’s business” until it’s time to drag Lady Gaga, or call her ugly, then apparently misogyny is okay! It’s interesting to me."



As another admirer declared, "How can you tell Gaga is ugly when she's a beautiful Angel."



A fan also noted that Lady Gaga had unparalleled natural beauty.



Another Little Monster exclaimed that the beautiful Lady Gaga didn't deserve this kind of criticism. "Gaga being one of the most beautiful kind and inspiring women inside and out but constantly getting dragged by gay men doesn’t sit right with me," said one. 



So no wonder there were so many tweets singing Lady Gaga's praises tonight! As one fan perfectly summed it up, that's how it should always be.


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