Lady Gaga posts cryptic photos and fans just can't handle the suspense

Lady Gaga clearly likes to surprise her fans but her latest photos, which are at once beautiful and grotesque, have left many baffled

                            Lady Gaga posts cryptic photos and fans just can't handle the suspense
Lady Gaga (Source:Getty Images)

Lady Gaga has always given her fans something to be mesmerized about and, this time, she took it to a whole new level with a series of pictures she shared on Instagram. The three pictures that she posted are cryptic and Gaga herself has offered no context to them.

The pictures are nothing like the usual glamorous or cutesy things that go viral. In the photos, Lady Gaga took her posturing and photography to a different dimension. Each image is quirky in its own way. In one, her nose is excruciatingly long, and in the other, she had photoshopped her figure to the bones. The third image shows Gaga looking down at the camera with a mask placed on her groin.

According to USA Today, the images also share a similar aesthetic to short films she played during her Joanne World Tour last year. 

The photos which were clicked by Eli Russell Linnetz quickly drove fans into a state of frenzy as they tried to figure out the hidden meaning behind the photographs. Some fans have come up with several questions regarding the pictures. 

The photos, which were posted a few hours ago, are already the subject of speculation among Gaga's fans.

Some believe that it could possibly be her way of teasing her upcoming season of 'American Horror Story'. However, it is not yet confirmed if she will be back or not.

Other fans were quick to assume that it's a tease for a new album saying, "Drop Lg9".

Some also suggested that it was about her upcoming Las Vegas residency, Enigma, which she teased by posting a photo earlier in the week.